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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 35 - Wednesday, January 15, 2002
Shirley AllanSouls of Dominican Folk: The Ties That Bind Us
by Shirley Allan

"Historically, our people have had and sustained characteristics that profoundly bind us together. We tenaciously preserve our culture, our heritage, our history, our values, our resilience, our concern for each otherís welfare, a treasured value that dominates the core of our nationís unique personality.

The last trait is true to the concept of none of us succeeds until all of us succeed, both as individuals and our beloved exceptionally beautiful nation. Lovely Dominica where exotic flowers bloom, and 366 rivers flow through 289 square miles.

Dominica is the only land where the agouti, the manicou (Oposum) and the mountain chicken roam freely.

The single place where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea join in perfect harmony; and the Sisserou parrot sings to an ethereal orchestra, wherein our hearts forever dwell in the mystic symphony no matter where in the world we may be at any given time.

Many of us have gone out into the world, some of us have achieved to a very great degree. Thanks to Dr. Fontaine publisher of the Dominican, The Dominica Academy of Arts and Sciences (DAAS), the Roosevelt Douglas Foundation (RDF), and other Dominican organizations in the Diaspora we have the pleasure of being introduced to some of our previously unknown brothers and sisters who have done marvelously for themselves in all walks of life.

Scientists, doctors, writers, lawyers, judges, educators, inventors, economists, businessmen and women, high tech professionals and other prominent positions the world over.

All this as well as the promise of so many young and especially women who will take their places of prominence some time in the future. Salute! Their success is our success! We all feel very proud to be tied to our great Dominicans.

Let us not forget however, those who make the incredible sacrifices for the good of our country and our people. Let us remember and pay homage to the people who have stayed back choosing to seek their destiny and honor their livesí passions for the good of Dominica.

Let us salute and support those who have not gone in search of gold, but remained in the temple of love also! For their sacrifice is the ultimate! Let us praise those who have made a difference in the lives of those in need each day.

Technological advancement has made it possible for Dominicans all over the globe to network and contribute for the good of our land, our brothers and sisters; to tie or hearts, our minds, our souls together, to offer our expertise, to keep our flag flying high in every corner of the world; bound by a vision of advancement and prosperity for our beloved country and our countrymen, for we know that where there is no vision, the people perish.

Many have embraced the opportunity. A movement has begun. How far this movement will go depends on how firmly the ties that bind us remains fastened. It is dependent on keeping the spirit alive. It is contingent upon reaching the souls of Dominicans and spreading that fire which is alight in the souls of those who share this great vision.

Some are still skeptical for one reason or the other, but despite the skepticism of some, it is indisputable that the Dominican spirit remains alive by the mare nature of the Dominican. As a people, we know how to settle differences. We have the ability to disagree with tact, diplomacy and mutual respect.

We have been known to settle differences and move on with the business ahead. Our history proves that we can move beyond our disagreements, and together, we have achieved and can continue to achieve greater things. As a people bound by the ties that bind us, we can be a formidable force.

Looking back at the past eighteen months, we see the souls of Dominicans alive and thriving. We see beautiful minds at work, innovations, discoveries and inventions. We saw Dominicans all over taking their places of prominence and power. A precious power to effect meaningful change and progress.

We saw the true spirit of the Dominican folk at the symposiums in New York, and in Dominica one year later; two epochal events. We continue to see selfless sacrifice and patriotism to its highest degree.

We see visionaries working tirelessly to turn concepts into realities against all odds, and we can easily imagine the great things that can be accomplished.

I hope that as we move in the New Year 2003 we can reinforce our ties and expand the chain to greater lengths in a union that links the souls of Dominicans firmly and securely fastened with eyes on that great vision.

I contemplate in great anticipation what the future portends and what can and will be accomplished with the vast resources of Dominicans united together in this bond. Wish all of you the best for the New Year. Blessed be the ties that bind us!

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