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bernard etinoffe
DOWASCO General manager Bernard Etinoffe

Drought conditions worsen in Caribbean as Dominica begins to supply water to St Lucia

Dominica this week began making its first shipment of water to the drought ravaged neighboring island of St Lucia.

Over the past several weeks, St Lucia like most of the other Caribbean countries have been hit with a prolonged drought that have resulted in severe water shortages, leaving several areas without potable water. Read Entire News Article

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baroness scotland
Baroness Scotland at her office in the Houses of Parliament.

Baroness Scotland: The cost of being in political life

Her story is a history of firsts: she was the first black woman to be made a QC in 1991, and at 35 the youngest Queen's Counsel since William Pitt the Younger. She became the first black female government minister in 1999 and the first woman and black person to be appointed Attorney General since the post was created in 1315. Read Entire News Article

Ground breaking ceremony stregthens Dominica-China relations
At the ground breaking ceremony for the Roseau to Portsmouth Road Rehabilitation project last Friday, Prime Minister, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit stated again that his Government was right when it severed diplomatic ties with Taiwan and established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China in 2004.
Read Entire News Article

Dr Laurelle JnoBaptiste on the radio
Dr. Laurelle Jno Baptiste co-founder of ScholarLab ( and PowerCaptions (, two of Canada’s fastest growing technology companies spoke to radio.
Click to listen to interview. Read Entire News Article

The court petition and Dominica’s entangled relationship with France
There has always been a French presence and involvement in Dominica since the Europeans arrived in the West Indies in the 15th century. That influence and reality continues today. One poignant example is the current Prime Minister holding dual Dominican and French citizenship. Read Entire News Article

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Sam Raphael, owner of Jungle Bay Resorts and Spa and Chairman of the Movement to Restore Democracy was our special guest on ‘This Week in Interview” on Wednesday February 24, 2010 from 8:00 – 9:00 P.M.

Jungle Bay Resort is recognized globally as one of the finest tourist facilities in the world, known for its wellness and spa. Click to listen to interview.

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