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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 86 - Monday JAugust 28, 2006
Dr. Eric Buffong Dies in Car Accident
The News Desk

A Dominican physician practicing in Columbus, Georgia and who pled guilty earlier this year to sexual battery has been killed in a car accident.

Dr. Eric Buffong and his daughter were killed in an early morning car crash on Saturday August 26 in Clayton County, Georgia.

According to authorities, the car Buffong and his 22-year old daughter were traveling in crashed into the back of a tractor trailer. It happened around three am on Interstate 285.

Both victims were thrown from the car on impact, killing them instantly.

Buffong, who was a Columbus gynecologist, made headlines when he was arrested and charged with sexual battery and aggravated sodomy. He was sentenced to 2 years probation in a plea deal with prosecutors.

It was in an office building off Talbotton Road where a victim visited Dr. Eric Buffong to ask him to speak to her church youth group... The DA's office says Buffong told her she wanted to have sex and she should. Attorneys say when the victim tried to leave, the door was locked and that's when Dr. Buffong sexually assaulted her.

Days later she returned with a police wire on, but never in any conversations did investigators get Buffong to admit the sex wasn't consensual. Assistant DA Richard Mobley says, "The statements made undercover, at no point in time did they ask her to get the doctor to admit, okay, I said stop and the doctor said yes, you did but I did not stop."

For that reason prosecutors say the rape trial was over before it started. The agreed plea bargain, reduces four charges to two. Originally the doctor was charged with rape, sodomy, aggravated sodomy and sexual battery. Mark Shellnutt, Buffong's Attorney says, "just because you hear the word rape doesn't mean there is a rape that can be proved in court and we felt like we had a good defense."

Buffong pleaded no contest to two counts of sexual battery. In a prepared statement, the victim was not in favor of the bargain and said Buffong was leaving a trail of rape and injured women behind...concluding he was a predator and threat to the female population. Mobley says, "If he had gone to trial and found not guilty he could be out practicing medicine within weeks and this prevents that from happening for 2 more years."

Buffong who was 55 years old was born in Roseau and spent his early childhood in Dominica before migrating to the United States.

In July of 2004, another Dominican medical doctor based in the United States, Dr. Leroy Raphael died in Florida after his motor cycle collided with another vehicle.

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