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Driver dies in single car accident
Less than two weeks after a major traffic accident that left five dead there has been yet another road fatality in Dominica. Dead is Zara Shaw from Canefield who was involved in a single car accident on Saturday

Missouri Governor stays execution of inmate amid new DNA evidence
Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens (R) on Tuesday stayed the scheduled execution of Marcellus Williams, just hours before the death-row inmate was set to be put to death for the 1998 killing of a former newspaper reporter

Muslim men in India could once divorce their wives by saying three words. Until now
For hundreds of years, Muslim men in India could divorce their wives by repeating the word “talaq,” Arabic for divorce, three times.

Dominica ambassador extradited to Italy
The overall impression of Trump's performance was of a president out of control, who is captive to his whims and instincts and defies any attempt to manage him

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