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Rare endangered parrots illegally smuggled from Dominica
Dominica is reeling from the news that its rare and exotic parrots have been illegally smuggled out of the country with the assistance of government workers

Ancient human skeletons in spiral formation found in Mexico
The formation closely resembles a wheel with an obvious concentric point with the bodies lying on their sides. The researchers speculate that this typical arrangement could have been centered on a figure of an ancient god

Wash your stinking hands!’: ER nurse rants about ‘cesspool of funky flu’
A Florida nurse working to combat “a cesspool of funky flu” in the emergency room has gained widespread attention from a viral video

Brazil's Left Sticks by Wounded Lula; 'No Plan B'
Brazil's Workers Party and labor leaders insisted on Thursday that left-wing hero Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva would be their candidate in this year's presidential race

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