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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 73 - Monday November 21, 2005
Dominica's Lady Of Song Features in Paris Music Awards
by Gordon Henderson

Dominica's Lady of Song has once again successfully brought our island's music onto the World stage.

OPHELIA was patroness of the Fifth edition of the DYNAMITH d'OR Caribbean Music Awards held in Paris on Saturday 19th November, 2005 at the Salon Laura Fléssel, named after the Olympics Fencing Champion of French Caribbean origin.

The gathering, organized by the Magazine DYNAMITCH in collaboration with the Mairie d'Asniere assembled various Caribbean artists residing both in France and abroad who were invited in honor of the their contribution to the music of the World.

Our Diva in her usual true Ambassadorial style, welcomed the gathering, offering to each attendant a cup of Nature Island Sunshine to warm their hearts and at least for the evening remind them of the brilliant Culture of the Caribbean.

The Lady, while taking pleasure in declaring open this grand occasion took the opportunity to invite patrons to continue to embrace the music of the Caribbean as part of a rich heritage that is theirs.

According to her, it is in this way that the work of our artists would be given the longevity it deserves.

OPHELIA then led the guests into a sumptuous dinner at the head table, shared by her husband/manager as well as Dominica's most senior artist abroad, GORDON HENDERSON, who also performed at the ceremony to a rousing welcome.

The Lady of Song returned to thrill the audience to a fresh rendition of her signature tune, AIE DOMINIQUE, which rocked the patrons who asked for more.

Pleased to have received another lifetime award for the work she has done so far, OPHELIA enjoyed the response to her recently released fourteenth album which is being played on various radio stations and in many clubs in Paris.

OPHELIA also took the opportunity to do radio and TV interviews including the television station France O which is seen all over the Francophone world. She is expected to soon return to the French capital for a multi-concert tour.

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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 73
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