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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 44 - Wednesday June 11, 2003
karina Past Students of St Andrews High Gives Back
by: Liz Adrien

Last year, a core group of past students of the St Andrews High school, which is located in Wesley, Dominica came together to form the St. Andrews Past Student Association. The inspiration behind the group is Wilworth Robin, himself a past student and former teacher of the school.

In 1995, Wilworth immigrated to Washington, DC in pursuit of attaining a higher education. There, he obtained a baccalaureate degree in Civil Engineering from Howard University and works in his field in Baltimore, Maryland.

In keeping with his commitment in pursuit of excellence, and determined to give back and to reconnect with his Alma Mata, he reached out to past students throughout the Diaspora.

Today, over two hundred members are registered directly on-line at The website has succeeded not only in reuniting a number of students who lost contact with their classmates and friends after graduation, but in starting a movement to assist their former school.

This Association is not only critical to the district, but on a broader scope, Dominica, especially in this time when the country is going through a severe economic hardship, echoes Wilworth.

Technological advancement makes it possible to receive daily news from home, and the country’s current economic plight gives Wilworth the impetus to keep the Association rolling.

The principle on which this association is based is not new. It is similar to that used by alumni associations in the United States. Wilworth adds that associations play an integral part for funding educational institutions because revenue increases as the more students graduate yearly.

The St. Andrews Past Student Association fund raising projects varies from personal contributions from past students, and supporters, to raffles, and soliciting organizations and businesses.

Its major fund raising activity takes place on August 31, 2003, Bronx, New York (see website for details). Wilworth attests to the proverb, charity begins at home, and calls on his immediate community residing on island to give openly because others will be receptive to giving.

The Association’s first long-term major project is a state-of-the-art computer laboratory so that all students and teachers will have access to computers, and be proficient in the use of computers. At present, the school does not have a functional public address system, and the Association will be handing over one before this year’s graduation as its first contribution.

The Association’s website highlights the achievements of students who have demonstrated success in either their academic or professional life. 1991 graduate, athlete Margaret Joseph is the most recently featured student. In 2002, she received the “Lehman Rolex” watch for unbroken athletic record.

That year, she was also selected by the New York Olympic Committee to participate in a promotional movie for its bid to host the 2012 Olympic in New York.

The executive body consisting of members across the United States is confident that the Diaspora will support its causes because now it is even more important and critical to give back to our beloved nation, Dominica.

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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 44
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