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TDN History is dedicated to revisiting Dominica's history in pictures and text. If you wish to contribute to preserving our history please send pictures and other contributions to [email protected]
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  • Death was the answer in Morne Prosper May 1975
  • BBC interviews Dame Eugenia Charles in 1988
  • CBC news interviews Roosie Douglas in 1978
  • Photos of Miss Dominica Beauty contestants 2005-2014
  • Severed heads of slaves in Dominica stuck on poles
  • Dominica’s Imperial Road and the struggle to complete construction
  • White supremacist who tried to overthrow government dies
  • Dr. Edward Scobie Authority on Africans in Europe
  • Human sacrifice to obeah in Dominica
  • The history of a volcanic island
  • Hurricane David generousity of strangers
  • Hurricane David winds gone wild
  • The Portsmouth double murders and the trial of the century
  • The move to annex Dominica to the United States
  • This is a 1910 postcard of locals dancing the Belaire, a dance relatively unchanged to this day since its intoduction into Dominica by the slaves.

    This is a 1900 photo of a typical Dominican home. Picture courtesy Glenda Green.

    This is a 1930 postcard of the Banana market in Roseau, facing Scottshead to the South.

    This is a 1901 photo of women displaying the Wob Dwiyet. Picture courtesy Glenda Green.

    This is a 1930 postcard of Portsmouth when it was still considered a village.
    This is an early 1900 photo of women doing their hair on a typical day around Roseau. Picture courtesy Glenda Green.

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