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TDN Literature is dedicated to the many Dominican writers and is aimed at promoting Dominican literature. If you know of an author not listed on this page, please send an email with the information to [email protected]
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Pharcel: Runaway Slave

By Alick Lazaare

A fascinating look about the lives of the much maligned runaways of Dominica that does justice to the noble struggles of a few brave African men and women fighting for their fundamental right of personal freedom and human dignity
Pharcel(ISBN 0-595-39578-3) is published by iUniverse and may be ordered direct from the publishers at 2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512, USA or from their website at

Wide Sargasso Sea

By Jean Rhys

Wide Sargasso Sea rewrote the English classic, Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, successfully shifting the focus from Jane to Bertha. It has served as a touchstone text for critics interested in modernism, feminism, and postcolonial theory.
Wide Sargasso Sea(ISBN 13- 978-0393960129 ) is available from

Death by Fire

By Gabriel Christian and Irving Andre

The book is a serious analysis of the 1963 Carnival Monday Fire which took the lives of three dynamic young Dominicans: Eddie Martin-founding member of the Swinging Stars and a guitar virtuoso; Eric Shillingford-dashing Vauxhall car and truck dealer, Eric Bakery entrepreneur and civic leader; George James-the best saxophonist in the land.
Death by Fire(ISBN 13- 978-0973734768 ) is available from

As She Returns

By Steinberg Henry

It is that fascination with death, not death itself, but what it represents, its expression, and meaning that brings the book to life. The interpretation is wonderfully profound, touching on Caribbean religious history, African descent, sickness and cure.
As She Returns can be purchased at and by calling 301 695 1707.

Mesyé Kwik! Kwak

By Giftus John

Some of the topics covered in the book deal with Dominica’s folklore, its politics, religious beliefs and inter-island trade as portrayed by the different characters throughout the book.
Mesyé Kwik! Kwak is published by and is available online at, or from Giftus at [email protected]

In Search of Eden

By Gabriel Christian and Irving Andre

The collection of essays focus on political upheaval, social unrest, constitutional change, attempted coups, and on key historical figures in Dominica. The relating of Dominica's history is breath-taking in its level of intrigue and interest.
In Search of Eden (ISBN 13 - 978-0969985754) is available at

Bayou of Pigs

By Stewart Bell

in 1981, a heavily-armed band of misfit mercenaries plotted to invade Dominica for adventure and profit. Their plan: storm the capital, overthrow the government, install a new bought-off prime minister and turn the country into a criminal paradise, with casinos, cocaine labs and arms dealerships.
Bayou of Pigs (ISBN 13: 978-0470153826) is available at

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