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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 45 - Monday July 28, 2003
The Local News in Brief
The News Desk

Farmer Grows Apple Tree in Dominica

A Dominican farmer Vera Thomas has successful grown a nine foot apple tree in her backyard in the Northern village of Thibaud. Mrs. Thomas has accomplished what everyone assumed was not possible since it is generally believed that apples can only grow in much colder climates to what obtains in Dominica. She revealed that she watered the plant consistently with ice water.

The tree successful bore over twenty apples and the family tasted the fruits of their labor for the first time last week. They have reported that the apple tastes as good or even better than the imported variety.

Prime Minister Seeks Medical Attention in Trinidad

Prime Minister Pierre Charles lis currently in Trinidad seeking medical attention for a ''chest discomfort,'' In February, the Dominican leader underwent a coronary angioplasty operation at the Sir Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex to correct a persistent chest complain. At the time, he was at a CARICOM Heads' meeting in Port of Spain when he was rushed to hospital, and successfully undertook the surgery a few days later. He is expected to return to Dominica shortly.

Government Minister Meets with Chinese Official

Following a meeting between education minister Roosevelt Skerrit and a high ranking Chinese official in Barbados, acting Prime Minister Charles Savarin has revealed that the government of Dominica did not authorized the meeting and that his country and Taiwan have solid diplomatic relations.

Taiwan is considered to be part of mainland China by the Chinese and is not recognized by the United Nations. For the past several years, the Taiwanese have contributed generously to the government of Dominica and is one of only two countries with a resident ambassador on the island, the other been Venezuela.

Minister Skeritt indicated that he was seeking assistance in education, journalism, youth development and sports from mainland China. Many Dominicans have been critical of Dominica’s continued allegiance to Taiwan especially following the much publicized withdrawal of support for Taiwan by St. Lucia. At the time, the St. Lucians were rewarded with a new cricket stadium from which they have already hosted several first class cricket matches, and it is considered to be one of the better cricket grounds in the Region.

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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 45
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