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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 18
Join the Dominica Academy of Arts and Sciences
Making a Contribution Campaign

by: Thomson Fontaine

Throughout the Diaspora, Dominicans are stepping forward to give of their time, efforts and talent to the country of their birth. Dominica is at a crucial stage in its development and we are all eager to lend a hand to ensure that our country survives through harsh economic times and emerges as a strong vibrant Nation.

Like never before, our Nation needs us to join together and do what we must to ensure that we make a difference in a land that we all love, and in a place where economic survival is threatened.

In a globalized world where small countries like ours are being continually marginalized, members of the board of the Dominica Academy of Arts and Sciences have decided to fight back. We have determined that in the absence of a concerted, united effort by all Dominicans, our beloved country may just fall by the way side.

As such we have decided to embark on a Dominica National Fund (DNF) that would seek contributions from Dominicans at home and abroad and that would help primarily in the areas of health, education, sports and economic development in Dominica.

Our promise is that your donations will be used to ensure that our children gets a quality education, that our health system is properly maintained and that the youth get a chance at a better life. The Fund will support various projects aimed at promoting industry and the creation of employment.

We are seeking your help in making a contribution that will make a difference. We proudly and gladly link hands with our brothers and sisters in Dominica. Together we will skip over the hurdles, beat the odds and develop our beloved country as a model of prosperity and hope for the world.

Join the Dominica National Fund by making a generous contribution today. Be a part of strengthening our proud homeland by getting involved in the Making a Contribution Campaign.

Volume No. 1 Issue No. 18
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Making a Contribution
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