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Volume No. 2 Issue No. 11 - Monday August 27, 2007
The DFP responds to allegations from Charles Savarin
Dominica Freedom Party

charles savarin
Former DFP leader Charles Savarin
The Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) under its current leadership is determined to remain focused on its program to ensure it becomes the party of choice at the next general election. We will continue to educate the public on good governance, leadership and integrity in public office; those principles on which the DFP was founded.

We will continue to put forward our views on the way forward to a better Dominica for all its citizens, and will continue to strengthen our party.

These are what freedomites of the Eugenia Charles, Brian Alleyne and Alleyne Carbon ilk would do, and what real freedomites would also do.

Real freedomites would not sit back and let the DFP disappear.

So when Charles Sevarin says that the Freedom Party has lost its way, indeed the DFP has lost the “ do nothing “ way of Charles Savarin.

It must be noted that the current leadership understands the philosophy of the DFP as enshrined in its constitution :
- people before power
- people before politics
- people before privilege and things
in other words, we will not compromise good governance principles for our own selfish desires.

At the 2000 election the DFP saw the need to remove the United Workers Party (UWP) administration from office because of their poor governance record, the corruption allegations that were not addressed and that destroyed all the good work that had been accomplished under the DFP’s term in government. On the basis of the above, the DFP, then and now, categorically denies any suggestion by Charles Savarin that the party is giving comfort to the UWP.

The coalition, once elected in 2000 was to have enacted integrity in public office legislation and have all elected politicans declare their assets to ensure that any future government would not act so irresponsibly as to think that the public purse was their private funds to do as they please. The integrity in public office act was passed by parliament in 2003. why is it not being implemented? The DFP demands its immediate implementation.

Do Charles Savarin and the freedomites he claims to be supporting the labour administration, understand that it was the poor governance issues that the late Dame Mary Eugenia Charles was concerned about that led her to encourage freedomites to support the DLP to remove the UWP from government at the 2000 elections?

We recall Charles Savarin as political leader of the DFP being very outraged at Roosevelt Skerrit who did not accept his invitation to contest the 2000 general election for the DFP. The same Charles Savarin was particularly upset when he was told Roosevelt Skerrit said he would not contest elections for the DFP under his leadership.

When after the 2005 election, Honourable Roosevelt Skeritt was in need of a minister of foreign affairs, Charles Savarin was not the first choice (as he was viewed by the DLP as not being a hard working freedomite). A competent freedomite who was first offered the position turned down the offer from Roosevelt Skerrit and chose rather to remain and rebuild the DFP.

The DFP is an independent democratic party that functions on strict democratic principles including freedom of association. All freedomites were invited to our convention. To suggest you are a freedomite and was not invited is to insult the intelligence of proper thinking Dominicans.

The DFP is alive and moving, and the present leadership is aware of the great benefits that good governance will bring to the people of Dominica. We can only hope that all freedomites will recall their roots and reasons and continue to live by the party’s philosophy of “people before power “, “ people before politics “ and “ people before privileges and things”.

Come back home all freedomites.

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