Demand for Dominica passports increases to new highs within Middle Eastern countries

Demand for Dominica passports increases to new highs within Middle Eastern countries

By TDN Wire Staff

January 25, 2018 6:33 A.M

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PM Skerrit promoting passport sales in the Middle East
Abu Dhabi, UAE (TDN) - One of the authorized agents involved in the sale of Dominican passports under the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program is reporting a rapid increase in demand for that country’s passports.

This according to CTrustGlobal based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which prides itself on being the leading agency providing Second Citizenship in the Middle East.

Spokesman for the group Muhammad Bilal recently told Caribbean Trust Immigration Services that “Dominica Citizenship is the current best-seller among all products and services available at CTrustGlobal,” and that “ it is currently the most sought after program leaving behind many countries including the US.”

Bilal also noted that so far this year there has been a 37 percent increase in their clientele from the Middle East as well as 37 per cent from Asia thus making the Dominica the most sought after passport from their offerings.

Wealthy residents from countries like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia are rapidly snatching up the Dominica passport allowing them visa free entry to over 100 countries including the UK and most of Europe.

CTrustGlobal points to the current political climate in the Middle East as the main driver for the increased interest in Dominica’s passports.

It also notes that the passport is the cheapest one on the world market at US $ 100, 000. In addition, the relatively short turnaround time of 3 months, no payment of taxes, and the fact that the Dominica government does not inform the applicants’ governments that they hold dual nationality; were some of the other reasons driving the huge demand.

Another big attraction is the fact that eligibility for Dominican citizenship can be passed on to the applicants’ future families.

CTrustGlobal is one of the forty (40) agents authorized by the Dominica government to sell passports under the country’s CBI program.

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