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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dominica and democracy won the bi-election

By Dr Emanuel Finn

The people of the coastal community of Salisbury and their neighbour across Morne Diablotin, came to the rescue of our island by denying the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) the chance to capture an additional two constituencies and completely dominate parliament.
hector john
Hector John of the United Workers Party.

The young and highly professional Mr. Hector John, who has a very bright future in Dominican politics, won his seat by a very comfortable margin. Former PM James easily crushed his much maligned opponent in Marigot.

All well meaning Dominicans should reflect on what the outcomes of the Salisbury and Marigot bi-election means to our island home. It also means that the people of these rural communities are proud and self sufficient.

Itís very clear that these are an extremely tough and free people - and their image of themselves is as a free, tough and independent spirited people.

The Former PM, the debonair young man, the UWP organization and their supporters have once again conveyed to Dominicans at home and abroad in a very compelling way that we should never give up on our home and the fighting sprit of our people.

They have convinced us that even during anxious times it is still exciting to be Dominican.

The ill-advised and wasteful bi elections to many clear thinking people meant that our country is devoid of real leadership and has lost its way.

Many were of the mindset that if the government was victorious it would leave troubling questions of the democratization process given the immature and arrogant style of leadership of the PM.

The campaigning leading up to the bi elections was another opportunity by Skerrit and his crew to devise destructive ways in an attempt to further split ordinary Dominicans with blatant lies, empty promises, and shameful and baseless accusations.

The people of Marigot and 'Barwee' would have none of that 'garbage'. They should be commended for their resilience, sense of history and destiny.

Moving forward now that the elections are over, the next period should be one of sobriety. Dominicans should return to being constructive and mature in their political engagements and reconciliation processes.

The bi election (with no apparent irregularities) results reflect the will of the overwhelming majority of the voters and the aspiration of the two rural constituencies and Dominica.

All Dominicans should strongly consider burying their bitter political hatchets and forge ahead together for the betterment of our children and the nation's future.

We look forward to the two gentlemen taking their seats in parliament with increased confidence, renewed sprits and a laser focused attitude as they move on with the real business of Dominica. God bless and watch over our beloved island home.

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