Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dominica-Highly underrated

Reprinted from Travelipod

There is a reason that producers like Jerry Bruckheimer go this island. I'm sure it's for the gorgeous backdrops that make their films amazing, but I can't help but think it's because they enjoy spending time here too....

rain forest
Dominica's rain forest.

Since we're more active these days, we chose Dominica to do some hiking and ziplining. Steve took the ship sponsored "Dominica Challenge Course Adventure".

Rave reviews on that one! You leave the port area via a van to the Wacky Rollers park where you embark upon a challenge that involves Ziplines, climbing and other physical challenges.

While the guys were on this tour, we set out out to explore some of the island before we met up with the guys to continue on.

Note - our original cab driver that we reserved for the day did not keep his reservation. It was noted that he was seen leaving with another group about 15 minutes before he was to meet up with us....So we then needed to find a cab driver that would accomodate our schedule.

Fortunately for us, we ran into the port "Pit Boss" (my nickname:-)) Job. He was a great guy, who was obviously well respected by all of the cab drivers in the area.

He hand picked a cab driver for us - Llyod, that honored the price we had previously arranged ($140 for 4 of us for the day). Job made sure that our cab driver knew exactly where to take us and where to pick up the husbands.

So off we went with So Lloyd was the best. He took my friend and I to the Emerald Pool (Gorgeous!!!) and Mr. Nice's fruit stand first. Then we picked up the guys and started on up to Titou Gorge (YOU MUST GO).

Titou Gorge is one of the places that scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed. The water is insanely cold, however, it's incredibly worth it! I recommend renting one of the lifejackets or noodles if you're not a strong swimmer, as the current can be strong.

However, it's not a long swim to the end. The waterfall at the end of the gorge is breathtaking...We're shooting ourselves every day, since no one brought their water cameras...but that scene will stay with us.

Afterwards we had the choice of going to Trafalgar falls or head over to the Champagne Reef. Our friends wanted the reef and so we went there - a little rough for me, so we just relaxed at the beach bar there. For the Emerald Pool there was a $5 entry fee, Champagne Reef $2.

There are several other hikes involving waterfalls that look amazing. I'd definitely recommend hiring a cab driver for your own and exploring this island all day. Beautiful, amazing scenery and great people.

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Dominica - A true gem God bless our country..

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