Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Dominican murdered in Antigua Newsdesk

Police in Antigua are investigating that country’s 10th murder for 2009. Bernadette Drigo, 50, originally from Dominica who was attacked in her shop last Thursday July 23 has succumbed to her injuries and died.
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Bernadette Drigo died two days after being stabbed to death in her shop in Antigua.

She died during surgery at around 9 p.m. on Saturday July 25.

Drigo’s death comes just five months after Police in Antigua arrested and charged three Antiguan youths in the murder of another Dominican Steve Mingo. At the time, police said that the three; Antonio Smith and Trevor Boston, both 20 and a 15-year-old shot Mingo in his bed after he had earlier reported them to police for breaking into his home and stealing his personal belongings.

Drigo’s son, Colin Jno-Finn, who is a communications officer in the Ministry of Social Transformation and writer and co-director of the Nazarene Drama Team told a local newspaper that his mother was found lying in a pool of blood by a child who had gone to the shop to make a purchase.

Police surmise that the unknown assailant went into the business place to rob Drigo and ended up stabbing her in the abdomen. It is still not clear if anything was taken from the business.

The stab wound reportedly punctured Drigo’s liver and she also sustained other internal injuries. Doctors took the decision to perform surgery on Saturday, after suspecting that she may have internal bleeding. It was later discovered that a major vein was ruptured, which eventually led to her death.

Colin described his mother as a very caring person who “always ensured that he and his sister, Susan Jacobs, had what they needed in life. He said while he and his younger sister are coping, he is comforted by the fact that his mother, up to the time of her death, played an integral part in their lives and set for them a solid foundation.

"She had a lot of energy, zest and she always gave us the encouragement to do all we can to achieve our goals. We want to look at it that it was her time to go, although this is not how we would have liked or when we would have liked but that is the best for her, because she was in a lot of pain.”

Some people in the area reported having seen someone running down away from the shop but so far no arrests have been made in the stabbing death.

Meanwhile, the two surviving children who had planned on furthering their studies said they were unsure what to do next given the untimely passing of their beloved mother.
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