Monday, June 1, 2009

Nice Job - Senator Louis Hill

Reprinted from the Editorial of the Avis Newspaper - St Croix

“Let’s be honest. It could have been a few weeks – even months of extreme awkwardness.

When members of the 28th Legislature’s majority caucus voted to move in a new direction – with a different senator at the helm of the Senate, it would have been all too easy to spend the days and weeks pointing fingers, placing blame and engaging in the kind of politics that has become quite commonplace – and more than irksome to citizens – in our nation’s center of government.
senator hill
Senator P Hill originally from Dominica is President of the US Virgin Islands Legislature.

But a funny thing happened, instead. Senators got to work. Really got down to work. Within the first few weeks of taking over a Senate president, Sen. Louis Hill has shepherded more than a few bills down the Senate pipeline.

Some have been good, we think. Others needed some tweaking, we thought. But the point isn’t that the Senate passed a load of good bills or a load of bad bills.

The point is that most of the nonsense – the back and forth that makes the Senate meetings both entertaining and tedious at the same time – has taken a back seat to making some progress.

The Senate – like any other governmental body – is made up of 15 personalities all with differing points of view, psychological makeups, life experiences and personal agendas.

Even under the most normal of circumstances, making sure that all 15 members work toward a common goal would be difficult enough.

But the last few weeks have been not exactly normal circumstances. The majority caucus should congratulate itself for its decision to choose Hill to helm the ship.

It was a wise choice. It’s not just that the Senate has met and debated and passed a slew of bills during the past several days that should be commended – though the sheer number of bills that have come down the pipeline is impressive.

But through the trying times and the awkwardness, through the sometimes emotional outbursts and the general feeling of uneasiness, Hill has conducted himself – and by example, helped committee heads to conduct themselves – in a professional, businesslike manner.

Hill, so far, has demonstrated quality leadership and the kind of humility that puts citizens before egos, business before bashing.

And that will lead, we think, to an effectively run Legislature. . .”

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This man will go places.The best is yet to come. Mark these words. Dominica is blessed
Hill and I went to DGS together. He has the sort character that will take him places. I will not be surprised to hear a lot more from him. Congratulations.

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