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August general elections in Dominica? Newsdesk

Speculation continues to be rife on Dominica that Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit will call early elections maybe as soon as the first week in August, 2009. While these expectations are not new, they have taken on added significance in recent days.
hugo chavez
Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is said to considering early elections.

Last weekend, the Prime Minister told his supporters at a rally that they should be ‘ready’ to go to the polls at anytime. Many believe that an early poll is imminent because the Prime Minister believes that the parliamentary opposition is not ready to contest the elections.

Others speculate that the recent scandal surrounding the garbage bins and fertilizer purchase has dealt a serious blow to his party’s integrity and that if the scandal continues to gain public scrutiny then it could spell the end of his administration. Much has also been made of the recent publication by the Electoral Office of the voters lists in the various districts.

Still others argue that Prime Minister Skerrit may be thinking that his chances are better if elections were held today rather than next year, when it is constitutionally due on May, 10, 2010. Those who make this argument points to the unprecedented amount of financial resources that has been given by the Chinese and Venezuelans to Dominica. They believe that now is as good a time as any to call for elections even as Dominica appears to be comfortably riding out the global economic crisis.

One thing is certain, and that is the country is increasingly taking on the appearance of imminent elections. Just last week, the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) held a major rally in La Plaine and has scheduled another for Goodwill on July 5, 2009; many are expecting a declared date at this time.

The leading opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has also scheduled its convention for later this month and there has been stepped up political campaigning in all the districts particularly by the ruling DLP.

Government is well within its right to call snap elections since they are required by law to hold elections within three months of the dissolution of Parliament.In the 2000 elections, the ruling United Workers Party called a snap election six months early and lost at the polls. This recent history may be weighing on the mind of the Prime Minister as he considers the pros and cons for launching an early election.

He may also be aware that incumbent Caribbean governments have not fared well at recent polls. For the eight CARICOM countries holding elections over the past two years, only two incumbent governments have been reelected.

Ruling parties in The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Grenada, Jamaica and St Lucia all lost reelection with the exception of the Trinidad and Tobago and Antigua governments that received a further five years.

Many consider these winds of change as probably the most likely to derail Prime Minister Skerrit’s aspirations for leading his DLP to a third successive win at the polls.

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I canna wait to dump those red shirts!!!! The sooner the better for DA. NO MORE BRIBES, BOBOL, GANGSTER AMBASSADORS, DRUGS etc....we are taking back our country!!!!
I have a bet, with very good odds, on 9 Sept.!

Antigua's ruling party has managed to stay in power, but with a weakened majority in parliament, following an election shadowed by the Stanford financial scandal.

"According to preliminary results posted on Friday the United Progressive party (UPP) led by prime minister Baldwin Spencer won nine of 17 parliamentary seats in Thursday's vote.

Before the election, Spencer's party held 12 seats in parliament."

This is considered losing for an incumbent in some sense!! Doc to err is human!! This little error did not take anything away from the substance of your will written article.. We all knew that you were referring to the UWP-

- Zeegee is nip picking is not warranted here.

Zapper, ZEEGEE was not nip picking. I just like facts and when I read and prove one or two "facts" to be incorrect it turns me off.

I see that the article has since been corrected. Way to go author.

You people have been calling elections every month for the past few months. You sound like a bunch of nervous wrecks. Please give the PM a chance to call the election. It's sounds like the UWP is so unprepared that they are overcome with paranoia. Lazy Ron and the UWP are just totally clueless. They cannot even find representatives for there constituencies though they say that they are prepared. Whenever I look at these guys they appear to be like the one eye man or rather blind man leading the blind, like Zapper. These people are so clueless that election could be called any time but up until now they do not have a development plan for the country and many, like the Zapper, seem quite comfortable with that. I guess when August comes it will be November then December until they get it right. UWP please give me a break and start running a sensible campaign. You guys are operating like a chicken with a head. I predict 16 seats for Labour just because of the incompetence of the leadership. I guess when Shanks called Ron a D.A. he knew what he was saying
Hahaha!!!! Why does zapper have to be always mentioned. You know what?zapper would like Skeritt and his mafiaso to call the elections now..Let then commit political suicide, but then again it is damn if they do and damn if they do not..they are in a very pecular situation right now. They brought out he Ace card Chevez and it blew up in their faces..The Hunduros situation does not help them./ Now thate we know about the bone chilling details of the ALBA meeting does not help them.They think that Cahvez's money will solve all their problems. They see that their agents are being ridiculed and expsoed as the unscrpulous FRAUDS that they are. They think that ALL Dominicans will be fooled all the time. By their own TAPPED admissions they are worried about key constituencies like Saulisbury.
What part of ANY PLAN WOULD BE BETTER THAN THE PLAN OF BEGGING AND SELLING DOMINICA TO UNSCRUPULOUS CHARACTERS AS THE PRESENT GOVERNMENT IS DONG RIGHT NOW is better you don't understand? IF YOU think UWP is unprepared check what is really going down in the abor camp. You Think Zapper is blind? Zapper has 20/20 vision on political affairs. In any one is blind it is people like you who are trying to defend the indefensible.. I ask again that the people who are keeping my people in mental, and dependency bondage to let my people go. I ask that those who people look up to to speak about the ills that plauge our nation or forever hold your peace. Your foreheads will be marked with the mark of the beast 666. We will never forgive or forget you.

The tape they have with shanks voice was an edited tape i diagnose that tape in my studio in new york and there are two different back ground noises on that tape and the computerizes voice editor shows a split in the volume level on the they trying hard to fool the people sometimes .....but they cant fool the people all the time its time to throw all the red rags in the garbage bin
skerritt will be in tortola jail before august so they cant call no elections till may 2010
Last night if you guys missed Angelo's show you did miss something very,very important. You missed The LESSONS FROM A DICTATOR that was given to the ALBA MEMBERS in ST. Kitts. It was bone chiiling.. Their plan to terrorize, intimidate, muzzle the media and instill fear into the people. Chavez told them that elections mean nothing if people are afraid to go to the polls.. Dominicans br courageous.. Come election day, do not allow Skeritt goons to keep you away from the polls.

Shirley Allan
Hello News Flash!!!! The was a big fight in the PM's office on Friday , the woman assistant secretary slapped the other woman secretary as soon as dhe left the PM's office.. What was the dicussion between the PM and the assistant secretary to warrant the slapper slapping the slapped?? WOW!! These body guards hastily ran to assistance of the slapped.. What on earth to happenig the Highest office of the land.. On my gosh these have people have brought disrepute to this office in every way possible.. Dominica has gone to the dogs..

Good try. You all will try your best to distort the truth. Lazy Green, were you there???? We need some answers. Corruption is corruption people stand up and speak. Ask Ron about all the corruption that took place in the UWP. Lazy Ron represent request a copy of your people. Shirley, Zapper and others the truth will reveal itself. You all are playing too much politics. Where is the RLP? We need to hear from them.
To: Anonymous : June 29, 2009 10:20 PM

If you are genuine in your request for answers about alleged corruption during UWP time you will ask one of the newest members of your cabinet. Ask Julie Timothy! He should be able to answer these questions and I hope he answers honestly. You and all those who were paying attention would remember that he was the main one being accused of corruption during UWP reign.

Ash him! Ask Julie. When you get the answers come back here and report. To try to paint Ron in any corrupt scheme is disingenuous and bent on misleading. That is why I applaud Ron's plan to make the IPO act retroactive from 1995. Ron should even go further and promise to use the report that Tony was paid $95,000 to produce as evidence to prosecute the corrupt acts that were performed.

And to your sir, Anonymous : June 29, 2009 10:20 PM, I wont even go into the alleged slapping indecent at our high office. Lets us just divert to the issues I raise. I would love to compare even Julie's/UWP's accused wrong doings with the current ones.

I hope you all listened to that wonderful presentation by Tony Astaphans. It was based on FACTS so you can look it up. So far you guys have been ignoring a number of importation issues that i raised and chose to distract the issues by the alledged corruption. It would be nice if you would address all issues especially the ones that are based on FACTS. Just like I listen to Matt, Lennox and Groovy bat, I hope you guys are listening to all sides to seek the truth. I sense that many UWPites are so scared of the truth that chose to remain in their ignorance by not getting the other side. But again, I guess once you have been brainwashed to believe that only Lennox tells the truth then nothing else would makes sense. I say to you people listen tonight and let’s take the discussion to a higher level because so far all arguments have been based on Lennox's facts.
Hello Folks have you guys been following the unfortuante developments in Honduras with the army taking over in a bloodless coup?

I see Uncle Higo threatening war........-opening his big mouth again. He has placed his military is on high alert --well one of his boys has been kicked out? Who is next El Commandante? I hope he gives us our cofeee plant he promised Skewoo last week before he goes to war. I hope he does not invade Da when his pal Skerrit gets kickout soon- of course by the ballot and not the bullet.

It seems Skwewoo that your uncle is takling one on his chin - Could you be next or Otega or Evo Morales? You want to bet? No don't do that because no one shoud be bear false witness against they self----but any way you are going down.............we will wait...Enjoy Libya because it will be your last you Volaire bobol man.
All these labor party goons are capable of is to disparage people based on facts at all. Now the evidence will reveal itself after Tony was paid $95.000,00 from our treasury to investigate WUP corruption and all he could come up with is an unsigned copy of CRAP.

Now the labor party's blantant corruption is starring them in their faces and they are turning the other way looking for THE PHAMPTON UWP corruption that despite all their eforts they have failed to produce. Asking people to listen to Tony Astaphan. Matt and Lennox have proved that they are more credible than Tony so yes we will listen to them instead. They are all you Mete Jell!!! Our stars who will save Dominica from the unscrupulous dictators.

They deseve the highest medal of honor that any nation can bestow on their citizens. Tony deserves tobe in the Gabbage ins with Skeritt and the rest of the band of corrupted goons along with those who come forward to defend anf justify thier unconscienable, corrupted, illegal, treasonous activities.All sensible people have already come to their conclusions about Tony Astaphan so whoever is asking is asking in view.Even the reckless, smoke blowing Train has been derailed and is sensible enough to go pack himself in the junkyrad, but I see he i replaced by other smoke blowers. Consider the source of the people who are talking aout ignorance. All they to offer is a repetition of the grossly deceitfull lines that all the goons are provided with..

Ron will remain the man of honor that he is and always was.

Zapper, you don't know Ron. I willl ask you to stop your nonsense.

The same way you know Ron, you knew Earl too.

Stop your Madness
You must first try to find out who Zapper is to say that Zapper doesn't know Ron. Zapper has known the HONORABLE Ron Green for over 30 years. He was honorable form the day I met him until today, and he wil always continue to be. It appears you are the one who doesn't know Ron Green becaue of all the negative, disparing,lies that you are telling about him for no other reason besides you trying to demonize, discredit and dehumanize him to make a corrupted, incompetent, egoistic,narcissistic dictator look good.

Zapper, you don't know Ron Green. Know of someone for 30 years doesn't make you know the man.

I am telling you to STOP it now.

You maybe know of Earl Williams or you KNOW him? Pick one.
Please note that the Zapper is singing for his supper and has a problem handling the truth now that it's being revealed. Zapper, the next time you look in the mirror and see a mark on your face, that was the mark of the truth. My advice to you is to buy a red shirt and join the LABOUR party on Sunday. You will hear more of the development plans for the country. You must be tired of waiting to see what the UWP has to offer. Shame on them. Lazy Ron has no plans for the country. RON, WERE YOU THERE?

Lennox show us your accounts and Tony will do the same. Hypocrites!
Thanks for the offer whoever you are,but Zapper dosen't deal with the Mafia. I will not be joining a bunch of corrupted, incompetent, lawless,egoistic, arrogant, ruthless, people. Thank you but no thanks, I will patiently await UWP's plan. I am certain that whatever it is, it will be better than what we currently have.

Zapper, the UWP plan is the same plan that Ron had many years ago when he head SPAT. what has really come from that.

Do you really think uwp has a plan...a party with no credibility, no real ideas, has ediot james and homo Wiltshire.
Zap-Zapp, you are so disgusting!!! and ignorant. What does Wiltshire's sexual identity have to do with anything? I don;t know under what rock you have been lately, but most people have come to the conclusion that UWP is much more credible than this MAFIA labor party. Yes I do believe that whatever plan they have is better than the current labor party plan. You so backward in your thinking, I belive it is a waste of time to spend my valuable time in dialouge with you.. ELEVATE your mentality my dear! get out of the gutters in you can!

Zapper are you Wiltshire or are you Ediot?
NO sir,I am not Wiltshire alhough have much respect anadmiration for the brother,And if you were not an idiot yourself you would know that Zapper is no idiot.

Zapper, since you know Ron so well, are you able to answer the many questions that were directed to him when Tony ask, "WERE YOU THERE"? Are you saying that all these questions irrelevant? Zapper your head is in the sand. Wake up!! It's not too late to get that red shirt. I can sense your disappointment with Ron but your loyalty to the UWP seem to be in the way.
This is so ridiculous!! wasn't TIMOTHY there to? and where is he today? You guys are clutching at rotten straws. Is this all you got? Stop making fools of yourselves. One more time read well.. I used to be a stunch UWP supporter.. Labor party convinced me that I should not be when they came up with all the ALLEGATIONS of corruption. I disassociated myself with the UWP then..

But lo and behold after seeing all the BLATANT well DOCUMENTED corruption of the labor party I had no choice but to come to the conclusion that no other party can do worse than labor party.

You will never, ever see Zapper wearing a red T shirt for labor.. I am not disppointed in the HON. RON GREEN. On the contrary I applaud him for the way he conducts himself despite what he has to deal with from the lobor party goons! He is a man of class who will represent Dominica with pride,and dignity. He will restore Dominica's reputation.

Zapper, Mr. Green might be a man of honor but he cannot do jack! Did you see the support last night? Dominicans are not listening to the nonsense you guys are talking. But again, you guys might want to seek some comfort in thinking that the crowd was made up of under age children and UWP supporters in disguise, lol. Zapper you guys are fighting a lost cause. Regroup and come again in 2015. Ron has already thrown in the towel. Can't you see? Labour Power!! I will we looking at you cry like a baby on election night. We are taking 16 seats including Ron and Eddie's. Don't be ashamed of wearing that red shirt because it takes a wise man to turn around when he sees that he is heading in the wrong direction despite the embarrassment.
Blah BLah! Blah! Blah!!!! People came to see what FREENESS they could get.. CRY we will see who will be crying no self respecting person would follow these gabbage dump of corruption! WE SHALL SEE! Continue blowing your smoke. Keep on dreaming.. Dellussion or reality?

I'm happy you mention freeness. I can wait to see what the UWP has to offer. Make sure you call your friend Ron and ensure that he uses a different strategy, No freeness!! Zapper I've told you before that the pot calling the kettle black is not enough to cut it. Performance is what counts and the DLP has a record that stands. UWP sounds like they are chasing their tales with this corruption talk. Next time you talk to Ron and Eddie ask them to set the record straight on all the questions that were asked by Tony. Don't try to ignore these very important questions. It will shed some light on their integrity. If you are a man of integrity then you should call on them to clear the air.
I have personally discredied Tony,for me he and Parry are in the same gabbge bin. I am not interested in anything that comes from his foul deceitful mouth. To me Tony has comitted and is committing treason aganist Dominica. I have no respect and no regard for this TRAITOR! Don't mind Ron and the UWP tell us what is labor's plan, since you are the one trying to convince me to join you.. Please tell me what is labor's plan? I am patiently awaiting your reply Enstien. If begging dictators, Signing contrats that are aganist Dominica's interest for instant gratification, selling Dominica's passport to international crooks and tarnishing Dominica's image is a plan for you, it is not one for me. Could you please ask the traitors to show us the Petro Caribbe contact they signed with Chavez? We would like to know what the terms of this contract are.. When people like you wake up to the reality of what is ACTUALLY happening to Dominica, it will be too late, and you will Thank those of us who were smart enough to figure it out, condemn it, oppose it, and fight aganist it.. Your children will benefit from what we are doing today.. As Bob Marley said.. "YOUR BELLY FULL OF THE SCRAPS THAT SKERITT IS GIVING TO HIS BULL DOGS GOONS, BUT YOU HUNGRY!!!

That's a good way of avoiding the important questions. Never mind who raised the questions. The fact still remains that there are some very serious allegations against the UWP. The UWP needs to come out and set the record straight even if it implicates Tim-Tim. Oh, why is the UWP so scared of mentioning Tim Tim's Name? Is it because they might be pointing the finger to themselves...i wonder. Zapper, if you are the one with the brains why is it that the UWP refuses to answer these questions? After all, these questions have been asked long before Tony. You and your UWP are full of it. Keep trying to pollute our minds with your propaganda. No one is listening. Dominicans are smarter than you think. If you are man enough get Ron to answer these questions once and for all and we will put it to rest. Come clean and stop playing these games….. smarty pants!

Remember, no freeness at the UWP rally, I will be looking on. Probably you can start working on an excuse for the UWP freeness, LOL!
Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!! Doing what labor party Goons do best. Disarge people for no reason at all and blow smoke..Look who is talking about answering questions. Have the corrupted,devious, unsrcupulous bunch of dictators asnwered any of the VALID, LEGITIMATE questions put to them? Have Skerrit declared his assets? UWP is not in power Skeritt is and his owes Dominicans answers. Tell him to answers the questions that we put to him on a daily basis, when he does, then you labor party goons will have the authority to demand answers fron Ron until then Zip it!!!


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