Saturday, May 23, 2009

The words actions and behaviors of a politician

By Dr Emanuel Finn

The man who occupies the office of the Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, said that Ms. Judith Pestina, owner of the Garraway Hotel and leader of the Dominica Freedom Party cannot afford to buy paint to paint her hotel. Does the PM realize that he is the leader of a country and not the chairman of a small village council and such pronouncements only create more doubt in his abilities as a leader?
pm skerrit
Prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit.
Because of the stature of his office, he needs to conduct himself accordingly with dignity, sensitivity, respect and thoughtfulness. While I am not making the mistake of comparing Mr. Skerrit with President Obama, maybe he can strive to take a hard look at the U.S. President’s style and learn a thing or two if he cares to or if it is important or of any concern to him.

Mr. Skerrit’s words and actions reverberate and have far outreaching meanings and echoes well beyond his political base’. Obviously the PM has enough money to paint the whole country in three coats of ‘red’ and there for maybe lacks sensitivity to anyone who does not pain their buildings, especially if it does not have shades of red.

But where is all that money coming from and does the PM has any plans to declare his assets? Some say why would he? They did not give valid reasons. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why he won’t declare his assets?

This statement by the PM generated anger and frustration among Dominicans at home and abroad. An internet site stating that ‘Mr. Skerrit did not represent himself as a leader and he showed that he knows little about business and how to run a country.

The comment went on to say that he did not have any permission to talk about any business ventures when he has never owned and/or operated any business – not even a road side vegetable stand.’

Another comment was ‘ when you are getting grants only and you don’t have either any long term and/or short term strategic sustainability plans for your country, coupled with inexperience and arrogance, statements and behaviors such as the one exhibited by this man are inevitable. Another blogger chimed in –‘You ain’t see nothing yet boss man.'

One must therefore ask the questions: Is he so confident that he can say anything he likes when he feels like without repercussions? Does this man has anybody advising him, or does he or can he accept any advice from anyone? Is he left to ‘dry’ by himself? This is a sure text book formula for political and self destruction sooner rather than later.

This writer thinks that no matter how hard, loud and emotional politics may be- and it is a contact sport and not for the faint of heart- the office of the PM deserves more respect, sensitivity and honor.

If the person occupying that office is unable or willing to respect it, then how in the world can that person and his supporters expect him to be respected? If Skerrit is as wise and confident as he claims, then he should do the noble thing and apologize to Ms. Pestina and all the small businesses in Dominica who are trying to stay afloat during this global economic crisis and keep Dominicans employed.

Well when one is getting easy money from elsewhere what do you expect? The worsening economic situation in the world means that our people are losing their jobs every day. What does mean for the barrel economy that helps sustain our folks in Dominica? Not of all of them can or want hand outs from Mr. Skerrit and his Red Clinic Political Machine.

Maybe someone on DBS, the Heng show or the Labour party leadership (if one still exists) should counsel the PM. He should be told that he ought to conduct himself as the first servant with humility instead of as the Magnificent Lord and Master of the land. I don’t think ‘you all’ will be overstepping your boundary if you tell him. That is what ultimate love, support and respect for your ‘dear’ leader means- honesty and truthfulness.

That is what all effective, progressive and respected leaders need and ask for. Their greatest single source of ideas on what they should do or how they should conduct themselves is by seeking and listening to the well meaning advice of their most thoughtful and faithful supporters in their own unique and unscripted ways.

Well maybe I should just tell him because ‘you all’ are afraid (‘so me hear boy”). ‘Mr. PM with all due respect Sir-you are making a mockery of the PM’s office and our country by your seemingly juvenile and arrogant behavior. Your actions are very unbecoming of a leader who deserves any respect and one that should be taken and/or treated seriously.

Instead they make you look like a myopic school yard bully who only wants to argue, disrespect and insult others who don’t support you, your styles and positions. You need to be mindful of these facts and cease immediately because they make all of us who care and love Dominica and its people appear backward, shameful, antiquated, unenlighted and out of step with reality and current world issues.

Finally Sir, that is not leadership and Dominica deserves much better from the person all its people (regardless of party stripes and colours) and constitution recognize as Prime Minister.

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this pm that dominican is carrying on the palm there hand is very dirty in a selection a candidate to replace mr baron three people come forward to contest one uwp two laborite the pm refuse to chose any one among the laborite at the last moment when he see that the person is going to lost he carry out a massive money giving and tshirt distribution at all mid night to people to vote for the uwp candidate that he perfer among the two laborites mr baron say he cannot suport the uwp member he is mad vex with mr baron can imagine mr baron is in cabinet with the pm he is not talking to him a man who have serve the party for almost 20 years this man is very dirty
do u know that the pm and chrispin is on shakey grounds .he take the lady who is working under chrispin and put her on top of him i want chrispin to come down to run for the grandbay seat. he is paying all earl bill for him in the states. he is the one who is keeping earl in the states its time for mr to let dominicans go his pocket is full enough let the people who want to develope dominica to come in
Mr. Finn

Do Know that it was Mrs Pestaina who first told the PM in an email that she cannot raise money to put a coat of paint on her hotel??

Yes Mr Finn, The AG wrote to Mrs Pestaina concerning monies owed to the government of Dominica, She wrote a very rude letter to the PM stating that she cannot raise money to buy a coat of paint for her hotel how can she raise money at this time to repay government.

The PM only used that quote from Mrs Pestaina herself at the DLP meeting in SCotts Head.

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