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The garbage bin scandal and governance in Dominica

By Jason Richards

The Bin-Bobol or Bin-Gate as the most recent scandal involving the Dominica government of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is referred to is just the latest in a series of occurrences and actions that have the Dominican public asking just exactly what’s going on in their beloved country. See related
pm skeritt
Prime Minister Skerrit addresses reporters in Roseau.

Today, even as I sit to write this article I have the distinct impression that this just may be the ‘straw that breaks the camel back’. Even as the Prime Minister has been slow to respond with a credible explanation for the looting of more than half a million dollars from the government treasury, the Dominican people are increasingly beginning to voice their anger and irritation at a government that many are describing as having gone ‘rogue’.

Indeed, the latest scandal was so audacious in its execution that many believe that it may very well cost the government the next general elections constitutionally due in May 2010.

Like one of a large number of Dominicans, I eagerly embraced the new Prime Minister when he succeeded Pierre Charles in 2004, becoming the youngest leader in the world at the age of 31. There was a general feeling at the time that together with the people of Dominica the sky was the limit, and that we would quickly become a country envied by the rest of the Caribbean.

Now, more than five years under the stewardship of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit we could not be further from the admiration of the world. Quite to the contrary, Dominicans are getting better at hanging their heads as the breath and scope of the dealings of the administration becomes known.

It all appeared to have started well, with the Prime Minister moving quickly, to establish good relationships with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and the Chinese regime. The later at the expense of Taiwan, which Dominica had faithfully supported for more than thirty years.

Ironically, the same decisions that appeared to open up a world of opportunities are proving to be the ones that may be the most damaging to the country’s survival and well being.

In 2004, Prime Minister Skerrit emerged from Beijing with a US $ 300 000 commitment from that country in assistance. It turned out that the ‘devil were in the details’. It did not start well. The government refused to release the details of the Memorandum of Understanding. Five years later, the visible evidence of the Chinese presence extends well beyond the gleaming new stadium in the heart of Roseau.

A flood of Chinese businesses have been established, displacing local businesses, and there is growing friction between the locals and the new arrivals. Unconfirmed reports also point to a deal being reached with the Chinese government for an undisclosed number of Dominican passports.

The evolving relationship with Venezuela is a bit more complex. President Chavez, flush with oil revenues, donated millions of dollars to the Skerrit administration. The funds were pledged to a ‘Housing Revolution’ that in the words of the Prime Minister “would transform Dominica.”

It however appears that this has created more problems than it has solved. Houses are being given, not on the basis of need, but to party supporters. In one of the more glaring examples of patronage, a young party supporter who has chosen not to work was given a brand new house over the countless numbers of struggling single parents.

The Venezuelan largesse also led to the popular “Red Clinics’ where the Prime Minister dutifully and personally donate hard dried cash, to party supporters on a weekly basis, from his government office. Many have criticized the government leadership for fostering an atmosphere of dependency and handouts rather than focusing on sustainable efforts that can be maintained into the future.

More troubling is the question of accountability. Why are these funds not channeled through the government treasury? Why are people handed cash by the Prime Minister? These are not the personal funds of the Prime Minister and one can only suppose that Hugo Chavez meant the money to go to helping develop the country.

Dominica’s closeness to Venezuela have created its own problems for the country. An incident in 2007 brought this into stark contrast. The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), started tracking a suspicious vessel in international waters. It eventually worked its way into Dominican waters and the Coast Guard was informed.

The brave young men of the Dominica Coast Guard boldly intercepted the vessel, but not before crew members dropped several large packages overboard. When the Coast Guard boarded the vessel, they found more than a million dollars in cash.

The crew was arrested and taken to Roseau. To the astonishment of many, Lennox Lawrence, Dominica’s non resident ambassador to Venezuela, himself a local attorney, showed up to defend the accused in court.

Surprisingly, there was no outrage from most in Dominica and no protest from government that a senior member of its administration could represent in court, drug traffickers who were been brought before the courts by that same government.

Not surprisingly, the case went nowhere and within a few days the eleven Venezuelan nationals were given back their vessel and the money, and left Dominica without so much as a fine. The DEA was said to have been furious at what transpired in Roseau.

In February of 2009, authorities in Baltimore sentenced a man to 25 years in prison for using young women to transport cocaine and heroin from Dominica into the United States. British authorities also intercepted a young woman in London with cocaine coming from Dominica, and another was apprehended in Puerto Rico.

Dominicans are increasingly blaming Venezuela for the increasing incidence of hard drugs in the country and rising violence linked to those drugs. A report from the United States State Department in early 2009 explicitly linked close members of the Chavez regime to drug trafficking and implicated Dominica in that same report. See Related.

These episodes highlight the plight of a Police Force that by all reports is thoroughly demoralized. A Police Service Commission that is supposed to handle all matters of promotion has been systematically undermined. Promotions are usually at the behest of the political powers.

The complete breakdown is no more glaring than in the case of a particular individual who in 2004 was a lowly corporal. In just five years he has been catapulted to Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), a feat never before accomplished in the long and storied history of the force. His only qualification appears to be a very good relationship with the ruling party.

Local officers are furious and moral is at an all time low. This is a position that is just two levels below Commissioner. Many worry about the ‘Espirit de corps’ , the camaraderie that exist between officers who would lay down their lives for each other in time of adversity.
This has been replaced by suspicion and fear as officers now have to look over their shoulders concerned that they might be looked over for promotion if they don’t tow the party line.

And it does not stop there. At the height of the trade in human trafficking of mainly Haitians between Dominica and the Northern Caribbean between 2004 - 2006, some individuals linked closely to the party were said to be benefiting from the trade. In one well publicized occurrence, a police officer was shouted down in public for supposedly “interfering with the profitability of an operation”, and that for simply doing his job.

No wonder the policemen I spoke to are concerned about the direction of the country, the rising crime, and creeping indiscipline within the police force. However, thanks to the efforts of the United States Coast Guard and the St Maarteen authorities, the human trafficking problem has largely disappeared.

On a personal level, the first signs of trouble for the Prime Minister emerged with a sensational article in the Times entitled “5000 Dollar Salary Million Dollar Assets”. Penned by local journalist Matt Peltier, the article questioned how a Prime Minister making $5 000 a month could have acquired so many assets so quickly. The Prime Minister hit back by filing suit against the journalist claiming that the assets were gifts. The case is still within the court system.

As a direct result of the ensuing public outcry, it was determined that no taxes were paid on the properties. The Prime Minister explained it as a mistake by his lawyers and later paid the taxes to the Treasury. However, just five years into his leadership, many still question the former school teacher’s growing wealth.

Take the response to Hurricane Dean. The government of Dominica gave assistance purportedly to those who had suffered damage. In some cases two members of the same family received compensation for the same house and non farmers received checks for abandoned fields.

In one interesting case related to me, a supporter of the party said he refused to spend the money for many days after receiving it fearing that he was been set up because he knew that he did not have any property or land. Today, neighbors view each other with suspicion. The truly deserving of support sacrificed at the altar of party allegiance.

Then there is the well publicized appointment of ambassadors and diplomats of less than stellar repute, who pay for the privilege of the appointment. This is linked to the much maligned Economic Citizenship Program that is out of control and lack accountability. See related .

Therefore, at this stage, more than just a report is called for. The very fabric of society is being torn apart. The once vaunted and independent public service is a shadow of its former self. No where is that more evident than in the current Auditor General. The incumbent Clarence Christian calls local radio stations to openly support the ruling party. A disgrace when you consider that this office should be the one looking out for the public interest, and should be fiercely independent.

No wonder he was tapped by the Prime Minister to investigate the garbage bin scandal. And no wonder, this suggestion is dismissed by the public as a waste of time. But, with a demoralized police force lacking the will to take on the biggest theft in Dominican history it appears that the ultimate verdict will be rendered by the Dominican public.

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Great Job Jason. Nice litte collage there. Dominicans you get the picture? isn't it a very disturbing, worrisome picture? Do you job my people, when will enough be enough? Are we going to all Skeritt and his unconscionable, narcissistic to bring Dominica to ground Zero before we hold them accountable> For those of you who are asking for evidence open your both eyes and your partisan disabled mind. I don’t know about all you, but I am saying loud and clear ENOUGH is ENOUGH.. Let history put me on record, what about you?

The Government of Skerrit proves the need for a free press; no wonder he sought to have a bill passed to curtail press freedom recently as he knew he had much to hide. His rule has destroyed our image as a hard working, honest and wise people. International law enforecement now see our island as a place for Russian mobsters, Chinese Dragon syndicate kinpins, and Venezuelan drugs boats attempting to elude the local and US coast guard with their illicit cargos. We must rise as one and with a strong voice demand the resignation of Skerrit and a comprehensive investigation into his corrupt regime. All civil servants and police officers are asked to remain vigilant as there are reports that certain ministers are cleaning up their desks and files. One was seen burning papers in Cottage by the falaise down by his jetty. We must watch them and their co-conspirators and ensure that none shall escape just punishment for their lawless behavior.
What a load of rubbish, this article need to be consigned to its rightful place, the rubbish bin.
This is indeed an excellent article well presented and direct to the issues contained within, very factual and facts need no laws to support them they are therefore inviolate, however I do feel that it is very important that the President moves on this issue having read some of the comments in all of the other articles surounding the bin bobol, for what has been said thus far is accurate in that he would be seen to apèar as totaly impotent of any vestige of authority should he decide otherwise. and wether or not the police higher echelons are politically "restrained" is not the issue, the issue is upholding the law there is no special amendment of statute that protects the "hoy poly" as has already been quoted, and it is true also that police "inaction" would widen the gap between them and us and result in serious loss of confidence due only to the fact of political silence, this is wrong both legaly and moraly, I am unaware as to wether or not the President has advisors but in his overall capacity he does have the authority to involve the police in this matter, and should he have advisors I feel certain that they would have no choice but to impress the importance of a police investigation as a measure if only to demonstrate the imparciallity he has as President, you are correct that this blatancy this bobol bin saga will be the undoing of a government who has only been succesful in engaging a lot of Governments attention from the UK to the USA, Swiss, and most of Eruope to focus on the inredible almost childlike attempts at corruption, the bin saga is so prosecutionally easy that it is laughable if it was not so serious and is the key to put a stop to it once and for all and give Dominica an opportunity to regain not only its credibility but its rightful place on the world stage as a government who prises honour and virtue above the external advantages of rank and fortune.
its long overdue the dominican people are no mackack, skerritt need to resign and ease the long pain and suffering thats ahead , be wise and be smart and step down and avoid the pain mr. prime minister.
Mr prime minister the girl in new york you buy the BMW-X5 and the house in new york is my friend, thanks for the luxury, dont worry i will take care off business while you are away in jail ....remember she is a young lady she going to need some soul
Can we get the girl to talk? Can she do that for her country? If she is not Dominican can she do it out of her conscience? Man that would be another nail in the coffin. They want concrete evidence, let's give them that as a prelude to what's to come because they will get it! Tony will have to go and meet Hezbullah and take Skeritt with him, I think this organizations suits him fine! He just boasted that his ancestors beheaded people who stole.. Wonder what would Hezbullah do with them?
Anonymous who said the article was a load of rubbish. You sound like one of the blind followers. You must be benefiting from the BOBOL, but your days like those you follow of fleeing the country is coming to an end!!!! StockFarm awaits!!!
Don't be ridiculous - Skero promise to marry her even after she mash up her face in de accident in DA - she aint talking
Jason, thanks for te write up, good stuff. I fear for my country Dominica and we need to have clear policies to guide and protect us from these politicians. Like yo I rallied behind the 31 year old with strong reservations of being too young, lack any administrative background, ill experience,ill and hot tempered (like a bully child with finger in mouth..mammie...mammie...mammie. I fear for Dominica and I feel we need change to get this PM and his people out of office. I cannot survive another 5 years of this government. Dominica comes first, enoough of this soap opera saga.
Skerrit is in Honduras atending the the Organization of American States Sunmmit where he will Hugo Chavez. The politcal situation in Venezuela is rapidly deteriorting. I suppose Skerrit will get some 'good advise' from his pal. The Venezeulan stong man has ordered criminal investigations against most of his leading opponents recently jailing one and driving the other into exile- and is threatening to shut down the last oppostion broadcast TV net work.-----Skerrit should get a strong message that Dominica is not Venezuela and if he has any ideas around these principles he better keep them to himself--------enough said.

Earlier this year Skerrit brushed aside the possibility that Chavez might lose any elections when he went to Caracas to celebrate 10 years of Chevez's rule. Here is what Skerrit told Chavez supporters who braved a steady downpour to hear him , Evo Morales , Otega and the others . "Chavez forever!!! "I want to say to you, my friends in Venezuela, that we will be back to celebrate the 20th, the 30th, the 40th and the 50th anniversary of President Chavez in office,".

Skerrit WE want to say you that we will be dancing in New York, London and Roseau when you and your corrupt crew are gone---Of course indictments will follow.
Skerrit will survive regardless of the campaign to bring him down. What you all fail to realize is that the ordinary Dominican person knows that he is working in their best interest.

It is sad to see that when we are finally on the road to success and things are happening on the island, those seeking personal gain on the backs of the Dominican tax payers are presenting themselves in the guise as Nationalist. Jah go burn them, wicked, wicked men.

Crazy man going on Youtube with flag flying behind them visualizing that they is the Prime Minister or the President. Keep on dreaming and making your Youtube videos you look more like the mad man that you are. You so called intellectuals cannot see that these guys in their minds that they are the rule of law already. The bunch of you probably is just as crazy as they are. Only lunatics act like that.

Have you ever seen an angry dog with a rag? The dog will tear franticly at the object with the hope that it will tear it to shreds. This is exactly what is going on here. They cannot get what they want so they will jump high, jump low, turn around and around in the hope that they will get what they want. The tantrum has lasted long enough guys.

I guess if the money for the bins was give to those who were seeking funding the geothermal deal, we would not hear anything about it on this site or else where.
So the above anonymous supports corrupt governance so sorry for you and whilst we realise that truth does hurt you can never destroy truth ever as Lennox Linton stated "IF YOU CAN BEAR TO HEAR THE TRUTH YOU HAVE SPOKEN TWISTED BY KNAVES TO MAKE A TRAP FOR FOOLS" in fine it is a stupid person who supports criminality and clings to the life raft of a sinking ship.
Mr Anonymous. Your logic is lost on me. What does a you tube video have to do with the PM stealing from the Treasury, or with the Police demoralized, or with public servants compromising their integrity, or with Venezuelan drug Lords operating openly in DA.

You remind me of the mindless goons that support the corrupt regimes in Africa heaping loads of misery on the masses...Good luck.
Isn't it pitiful to witness the slow disabling by partsian politics of the minds of some of our Dominican brothers and sisters,looks like they have allowed the propaganda peddled by those who benefit from the malpractices and corruption to destry the nueronsin their brains. Maybe they are partaking the in cocaine service that the Venezulains are providing to fenish destroy our youth. Forgive them for they have lost their ability to think critically.
All I want to know is the Presidsent going to act or not, it has been explained that his imparciallity could be an issue if he does not act, this bobol is for the Skerrit camp to witness as well as every Dominican, do you posibly think that only Dominicans log on to this site, My friends in the UK and the USA who are not affected by this bobol bin scandall who are not even Dominican are amazed dumbfounded even by this saga the news is spreading I think that this site has become more popular than ever my friend in london said it is like watching a soap opera this Skerrit just got careless because he found it to easy but this time his carelessness will cost him dear, they are convinced beyond all shaddow of doubt that he will tumble and fall over this, they also said what a dissapointment he has turned out to be. so my feeling is for those in the red clinic camp his followers and supporterds really need to be objective and look at the facts dispassionatley and then judge for themselves
My God, some people are just not getting it. Please, please DOMINICA comes first and we must operate on the principle of good governance. If it is reported that your child is a bully and steals children`s stuff at school, how long would you as a parent defend that child and say it is not true because you love your child. Is that love, is that loyalty. No it is blind loyalty. On what merit and priciple do we operate. Skeritt is a servant of the country, it is our tax payers money, he is accountable to us, friend or not love him or not, he has done wrong and he is corrupt. It is starring in our faces. On Principle MY God at least admit it ..even if you still say you will vote for him, but put Domninica and decency first before it is to late. That is all we ask for,.We did kick out the UWP, what is the difference, the principle of corruption is the same. Please open your eyes or your ear will be bitten off like the mothers own who defended her son`s wrong doing all the say to prisons for the wrong he did and the child said to her, you never told me I was doing wrong, you supported in my wrong doing.
Did you know that our President can under certain conditions actually suspend the government, one condition is for being grossly incompetent, and acting against the constitution, getting caught doing such a stupid thing as this bobol bin crime in my book fits the bill and comes under the banner of INCOMOPETENCE as well as CRIMINALITY, The President must at least issue a statement on the situation we want to know what is going to happen, we want to know if there is going to be a whitewash investigation into garbagegate or is this going to be at the very least seriously addressed.
It is a low and downright shame, that all that mess is going on in Dominica. Well, the PM is linking himself with all kinds of rouge governments and friends. We will see what next! If you listen to the way he speaks, it is appalling, rude and arrogant. But I guess the people are too blind to see after he has brainwashed them by giving them hand outs. But what do you expect? I guess his time is coming to an end and the march around the building in Roseau will have an effect. God is not asleep, Skerro.
Anonymous : June 1, 2009 2:32 PM can you please kindly explain, which governments you are referring to as being rogue......
Way Papa. All those hypocrites coming out of the closet because they think there is a possibility that they too might get in. All of you talking about corruption and money going this way and that, have you ever once sit back and think that if there was all these things going on, those so called use to be friends of the government would have gotten the geothermal funds to line their pockets. Did the many of you talking now new of the deals that they were trying to make with the current government before they were turn down. Or the offices they set up China hoping to cash in on business there.

You are been played by some of the biggest con artist and spin-doctors and you're so blinded with all the crap they spurring about their national pride. It is all well on good to grab media attention, piggyback and take credit for things they heard that other Dominicans are doing just to take credit for it.

Wake up and don't be duped into these wanna be leaders. If you all claim to be intellectuals and over looked the basic and simple facts, you too will come to understanding that they always wanted to take control.

The P.M. is stronger than you gave him credit for. He saw you all for what everyone is beginning to see, power hungry, attention grabbers and can't get over the fact that a man from the North again is giving Dominica the attention she deserves. Try as you may, when God is on the P.M. side and the march around his office building will only strengthen his leadership

You guys will huff and puff put the Roseau men trying to send him back to Vielle Case will not succeed.

Anonymous, as far as I know the Christian brothers were not elected by the people. Stop trying to shift blame and focus on whether or not the allegations against the PM are true. If yes, then he should resign, simple as that!
Folks listen---the Christian brothers are not the issue and let’s remove the focus on them and put it rightfully on Dominica and its current PM- That is the central issue. Lets not get distracted folks----some people are feeling the heat and time is running out and Skerrit days are numbered- his people are taking one last stance to distract us.
I remembered the same behavior when Mandela was coming into office in South Africa. The folks who had enjoyed power and privilege sensing the reality that Mandela and his people were once and for all going to be liberated. They started causing trouble and spreading mayhem---but guess what? They disappeared and Mandela prevailed.....

Skerrit has to go because he is corrupt and has lost all the moral authority to continue as our PM.

Folks we must act courageous art this time act this time ........we must ask now and keep the pressure on-- Skerrit must go. We will obey and observe the rule of law and the law of rule and hence will wait until elections and make a peaceful transition- but that corrupt man must go---no compromises.

My advice to every one is to say it loud and say it often-----SKERITT MUST GO!!! SKERRIT IS CORRUPT

---Anybody you speak to you make these two points—say it often and say it loud - CORRUPT SKERRIT MUST GO!!!
A very well written article, I must congratulate the author. It is time for Skeritt, tony Astaphan and their band of mercenaries to go. They are the most corrupt and incompetent regieme that Dominica has ever seen. Enough is Enough, I say out with Labour in with a new party for Dominica.
I well imagine that a lot of the "red clinic frequenters" who dutifully line up for their thirty pieces of silver and ate well as a result are happy and content, I wonder though how they feel when they attend their respective churches, do they give thanks to the Lord for the "thirty peices of silver" paid for by us, or do they appologise to God and say well very sorry and all of that but we have a better god here in Dominica he feeds us the bread we dont have to wait to die before we meet you he is here now, so actually the God we worship is Skerrit himself, sorry but he who has the dollars and while he carry's on giving some of them to us we will stick with him sorry again but thats life. our Lord says you shall bow down to no other god but me, so red clinicites enjoy your thirty peices of silver you have no concience and have no right to enter a house of God shame on you I would rather be hungry.
its early monday morning are we going to have an answer to the many questions about garbage gate or not? will there be a police investigation or not? is the president going to speak or not? we want to know and today would be good.
This ship is afloat and moving well! You just gave in to the fear mongering taking place by the these so called investigative journalists and their followers. Do your research and get the truth. I hope you realize that you are hearing one side doing all the talking and speculating which they consider to be fact. Just wait to hear from both sides and the truth will be somewhere in between. These guys are all fighting for power and will go to the extreme to convince you otherwise. There is no perfect government but i tell you this one is doing a pretty dan good job keeping our economy on track. Now after doing your research just keep in mind that education and eloquence do not equal honesty and integrity.!!!!!! me to...cannot take it anymore, good bye skerritt and your disapointed regime. Now in looking for face they want to bring Chavez here to gain support, but it WILL NOT WORK. Dominica is ours not Skeritt and not Chavez. Dominica is a friend of Venezuela and Dominica will remain so always, Chavez or not.
Skerrit must stay because if he goes it will be a sad day for the majority of Dominicans. Inspite of all the negative attacts, he still stand strong and resolute. He has the qualities which great leaders are made from. No matter how hard they try, they will not and cannot take away the passion of love he feels and demonstrates for his people. Dominicans can see that he truly love them.

They want to take us back to the old days but sorry guys the people have advanced in their thinking and can see who is working in their best interest, the DOMINICA LABOUR PARTY LEAD BY HON ROOSEVELT SKERRIT.

He loves you so much and you love him so much that when he takes money from the Treasury, or demoralizes the Police we turn our backs and say OH HOW WE LOVE HIM!!!

I fear for my country....
Skerrit has destroyed himself, he is not God and those who believe that he is are blasphemous and insult our Lord, I am hungry because Skerrit gives to others who do not share his views or worship him as an almighty and graciuos God, he walks in DARKNESS who the learned church leader so aptly pointed out in his article, oh my Dominica what have we come to he has divided the brotherhood of unity amongst us brothers and sisters in order to continue his walk in the darkness, on my bended knees I pray for the light to prevail and that our Lord will shine his perpetual light of love upon us in this trying moment.
No need to fear my dear, We will be there for you and my beloved Dominica, I am a true Dominican,and there are many of us. There are alot of people, so call Dominican trying to divide us to gain polical power,going on Utube pretending that the people of dominica have voted them the PM whilst they were in the USA ,now trying to grab power and the wealth of Dominica for themselves.Dominica will always be free and united.
Skerrit has hanged himself in public on DBS Radio for all the world to see. He cut his throat. He jumped off a cliff of ignominy. He lied through his teeth. He purchased bins not requested by the Roseau Town Council. He sent our taxpayers money to the US to a man - now in hiding - to a corporation which did not exist. He did no tender. He did no bids. There was no specifications. He only said he made a "mistake" when he was caught red handed. Skerrit is a damned thief and Dominicans now have the proof that he is the most corrupt and lying leader ever to sit in government at the head. The members of the cabinet and Labour party must insist he resigns as he is leading them straight to the rubbish bin of history.
i cannot understand how dominicans like what is always bad for them
Dominicans be aware of Skerrit and his accollades who have brought our people into disgrace. Shame on the DOMINICA LABOUR PARTY
First off I would like to know how many of the people who have commented above listen to the news daily and how many of them are still in Dominica? Everybody wants to talk about this gabbage bins when mr PM have given account for the bins. He have already given all the documents that he has. What more do you people want to hear or see the original invoices? Common Dominicans, The man have done sooo much good things for Dominica, Why not acknowledge these things instead of trying to bring him down for this rubbish bin nonsense, something which he have accounted for? Listen to DBS radio please and then you'll will come talk. Hate dogs but give them their bones.
I think that you have forgotten that UWP was the ones who started bringing the Chinese into Dominican and selling them the passports, they were the ones who gave them the keys to Dominica's customs. I know many people who have gotten houses and they are not Labor supporters so I don’t know what you're talking about. I know many people who got jobs within the labor party government who voted for UWP. I know a lot of people who have gotten a chance to further their education and they are not laborites. You are coming up with all these things because election is right around the corner. Haven't you seen a lot of progress since the DLP became in power? You talk about all the negative things when the UWP did worst. Do you forget that no one was going to lend any money to Dominica since they owed so much? Please give them a break and let them bring the country to a better place.
We cannot take more from this president! SKERRITT NEEDS TO GO PEOPLE... GET HIM THE F--K OUT OF THERE!
Well time is telling, Dominicans open up your eyes,Dominica will ba taken from you if you just stay and sleep, just look around you and tell me wwhat do you see, Dominica have improved a lot, but there are so many to be done,Skerrit please don't let money get you blind, while your people are suffering,why do you think that dominica have so many murder? Because the unemployed have nothing else to do, but turn unto drugs, while the high class are having fun and putting money aside because they don't know where they stand LOL they know damn well enought is enought and they will not make it for the elections 2010, Dominicans rise up, don't make strangers take Dominica away from you, if you do then crapo will smoke your pipe and your mouth will be shut forever!!!!!

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