Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dominican surgeon launches new political party

A United States based surgeon has launched a new party called The Real Labour Party. Dr Sam Christian in a video published on the internet called on Dominicans to unite under the banner of Progress and Unity so as to bring positive change to Dominica.

Dr Christian lamented the direction that the ruling Labour Party has taken, accusing Prime Minister Skerrit of corrupt practices and amassing a large amount of personal wealth.

He also said that the Chinese were poised to gain even more control in Dominica, and showed a dramatic photo of an armed police officer holding an umbrella over a Chinese official as he talked on his cell phone.

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Dr Sam we salute you for your courage and dedication to Dominica!
This is a breath of fresh air, and long needed I wish MR Christian all the luck in the world for once we have a man who is not afraid to speak truth to power, I hear what people say I listen to the whispers about Skerrit and his gang, I have even heard them referred to as the Dominican mafia, god bless you Dr Sam, we need you badly make the change puppies properly raised end up loyal and obieient, like little acorns grow into mighty oaks, stop the rot and give Dominica back to the people, and be rid of this corrupt bunch what an insult to Dominica when the Chinese refer to our home as the newly named and purchased Chindom province you have my vote.
No one has lamented the state of affairs in Dominica more than I have. Our Country over the last eight years has trult gone to the dogs. But it is refreshing to see someone of quality and integrity willing to step forward and chat a different course for all Dominicans.
Dr Sam we are with you all the way. The truth will set us free. It is no coincidence that this BOBOL of gigantic proportions came to life after your prayerfull march to bring down the walls. God bless your efforts!
i posted an article in the other comment section over the bin bobol, it is the duty of each and every citizen to report to the police any crime that they are aware of for consideration and investigation, that is the law. the police themselves are bound by that same law and they are fully aware of this or do they have to wait for permission from the President to begin looking at this bobol messy deliberate scandal, after all the police serve us Dominicans as well as the hoy poloy don't they? what is the point here, the impotence of the integrity comission is plain for all to see they have dilligently achieved nothing, after swearing an oath on the holy bible to do their duty without fear or favour, the President will loose the rspect of the people if he does nothing about this and police inaction will widen the gap between them and us even further.
Well let see...... You are going to get crushed election 2010. Hence,you guy not going get that banking and Geothermal projects, you were hoping for. It all about sour grapes Like everybody else you all in it for yourselves the fame and money. The true test for you, sir is after the elections, are you going stay a build your party or dissolve and retreat to the u.s
They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. (Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987) Change is risky and requires a leap of faith but the risk of standing still and doing nothing is far greater. Dominica is in need of change and change has come.

The Real Labor Party stand ready to bring about that change to our beloved Dominica. The Real Labor Party know that it requires a leap of faith to bring about change but they know that the risk of standing still and doing nothing is far greater.

That change must come from you and from me. The government in past few years has freed our hands but tried to chain our brains. They made us believe that they were doing so much because of the little handouts but they have prostituted our birthright and sold our Beloved Dominica to the highest bidder. Look around you my people, how many Dominicans own their own businesses, how many businesses have been forced out because they cannot compete with the well endowed foreign companies. how many Dominicans can afford to buy their own homes, the land and houses are priced so high that the young father has no money to provide a home for his wife and children. There was a time in Dominica when Dominicans had a say and a hand in the development of this country. Passports were not sold to lace our government pockets but everyone worked for the betterment of this country, it is no longer that way in Dominica. So I say a change is needed, and that change has come.

We as Dominicans can no longer afford to leave our fate, the fate of our children and the future of our country in the hands of our present government. We must let our voices be heard, it is our moral obligation. We need to be able to reach the farmer in Grand Bay, the carpenter in Portsmouth, that young mother struggling to make ends meet, that young person trying desperately to find a job so he/she can help his/her parents. We need to do more than “give our people a fish; we need to teach them how to fish.”

We need to look beyond the handouts and foreign aid and look for a better and brighter future for our children and the future generations. Let this change begin with you, let it begin with me. Let’s build a sound economy, create youth development programs, build parks, create employment, research and teach alternative energy, sustainable developments and promote environmental protection and preservation of the eco-systems.

Yes it is our moral obligation to our Beloved Dominica to bring this change. Change must come and I must be the change I wish to see.

Thank you.
Was that photo of the Chinese official and the armed guard taken in Dominica and what part?
The purpose of this photo is just to mislead you my friend. This isn't in DA! Just another fear tactic. They claim that the DLP is playing mind games on us but they seem to be good at it too. This is just a security guard hired by the developer. They want us the think that our police force will be reduced to what they show. These guys think they are fooling us but we are smarter than they think. Just look at the people running all these bigs companies and ripping people off. Some of these guys were at the top of their class. Don't think education is equal to honesty and integrity. This new party is just part of the opposition's strategy to remove the DLP
All I have to say on this matter is that there is no greater person than God, God in his bountiful wisdom gave man choice to walk justly and uprightly before God and man, or to choose to walk in the darkness, there are many great men in history who chose to tread the path of life in the light and they are a blessing, for it is better to have lived respected and to die regreted than ever to have lived at all. those who chose the path of darkness earn only the just scorn of the righteous, history has tought us that, this band of rebels walk in darkness and Dr Christian is our God sent help I Pray for Dominica I pray for the people whatever their party politic is and I know as sure as the light follows the darkness a new day is dawning for Dominica let the just and upright remnants of the skerrit band examine them selves and speak out and repent, and remeber God forgives anything but only to those who repent, for as sure as the light follows the darkness your sins will as surley find you out, may God grant Dominicans the strength to please God and emerge as a bright shining example that we have the will and the courage to right the wrongs in our society may God bless you all in this righteous undertaking that has been thrust upon us by the followers of darkness. you all know me you all know that I am right so I trust that you will forgive the anonymity for those who tread the dark path frighten me.
Well Sir, if you think the purpose of the photo is to mislead you, you are sadly mistaken. WE DO NOT MISLEAD, WE EDUCATE! It is a wake up call; for you may be the one holding the umbrella over the Chinese head in the hot sun in the near future, if not you, then your daughter, your son or your grandchildren.

This is what is happening in Africa at this time Sir, the Chinese came they took a bit at a time until they owned it all, for just like Dominica the Aficans had no regulations in place to protect their people.

Yes Sir you have every right to be afraid, so Sir, be afraid, be very afraid, I would not like to see you holding that umbrella, for you are a fellow Dominican.

The major issue is not whether Chinese investors are good or bad or should or should not be welcome but rather has the Dominican government regulated foreign investment and do they have the adequate authority and means to have policies over those investments. For foreign investment to work the government must have the rights and powers to regulate its entry, terms of condition and operations.


Does the government have policies that regulate the entry of foreign firms?

Are there regulations in place that say what sectors foreign companies are allowed to operate in? or can they just walk in and take a pick, like say, our natural resources.

What application is used for a foreign company to be established?

Are there equity restrictions that show the percentage of equity the foreign company can own?

Are there laws regulating land and house ownership for foreigners?

Are there policies in place that favour the growth of local companies?

Are local companies given preference in government business or contracts?

Is the government ensuring that Dominicans have control over the significant part of our economy? And natural resources?

Are policies put in place so that Dominicans can be in the position to compete with the more powerful and better endowed Chinese or other foreign companies?

Does the government have policy instruments and options over investment policy to meet development, economic, social and political stability goals?

Can the public view the Memorandum of Understanding between the foreign investors and the government? Transparency?

There is an important role for foreign investments in Dominica but this role can be positively fulfilled only if the present government has decision making powers and policy options over the entry, terms of equity and operations of foreign investments.

It is of the utmost importance that Dominica maintains the right and option to regulate investments and have policy on foreign investments. It is of the utmost importance that the natural resources of the country remains in Dominican control.

Giving total freedom and rights to the Chinese and other foreign investors may lead to the disappearance of many local companies, higher unemployment, a greater outflow of financial resources, worsen social imbalances in Dominica and cause social instability which will offset economic prospects.

For foreign investment to work the government must have the well being of Dominican and Dominica at heart. The government must see the foreign investments as a way to build Dominica. Sir this is not fear tactics, this is in the best interest of my people.

We dare not forget today the toil, labor and tears of our forefathers and mothers; for we currently enjoy the fruits and sacrificial efforts of their labor. We pledge our voices, our hearts, hands, tears and labor in order to preserve the sovereignty and heritage of this beloved country, for we boldly earned our freedom from colonial control and never again will we be colonized by another!

Thank you
..........not China.............not Venezuela.........nor Russia will enslave nor colonize our people!!!!!!!!!!!Hell No we will not be sold, we will not be enslaved, we will not be recolonized, hell yes we will rise.
This man and his brother, have egos the size of cathedrals. If you so dedicated to Dominica, why don't live in Dominica, after losing election 2010. You will leave and go back to your practice. A band of power hungry egomaniacs.
Last poster I hope you have a Dominica after you Skerrit and the boyz are through raping it!! good riddance.
Total agree with the poster Anonymous : May 30, 2009 10:49 AM these guy are egomaniacs. If i am looking for an alternative to labour party, certainly would not be these fellow.These guy were bedfellow with Skerrit from the time he get in as pm, up until last year. It is obvious that they disgruntle. Its hard to trust their motives. I want a viable alternative for Dominica but not them or uwp.
Here we go again, a new party of unity, I say, a new party of disunity. Dr Sam, Dr Who, divide and conquer, is that your game plan? This is the worse form. This is how the colonial master was able to keep black people enslaved for hundreds of years. Who are you really working for? It is not for the Dominican people. Do not worry; we know what you are up to.
Last poster, looks like you are worried. I hope you have your lawyer lined up; some people gonna take big jail for the kind of BOBOL taking place. I hope you're not involved but if you are look out!!!!
It is sad when one can liken fellow Dominicans to colonial master yet he can sit idly by while the Chinese come in and a bit at a time take over Dominica. You will wake up one day and wish you had taken some precaution to avoid the recolonization of Dominica. I therefore ask you who are you working for, who do you represent, do you have the best interest of Dominica at heart and can you in good faith agree to where our beloved country is headed.

Thank you
this pm have put all his ministers under his foot he treat them like little boys not 1 of them can say nothing against him in his face he is blackmailing them if they say any thing against him he will just resign .he make them believe he is the only one who is capable to run the country .he is trying to take all uwp candidates from them by buying them with big money . and there are bus drivers who is still waiting for there money from last election he doesnt want to pay them but this time around he will pay us before we start our buses
Long live the Real Labor Party!
The Chinese are not colonists, and have never sought to own Dominica; their history does not show this. This is not the Chinese way; they seek mutual respect for one another. The evidence is throughout the Caribbean, 2007 cricket world cup, just to mention one. It was not the Chinese who crushed the banana industry in Dominica, then promised help to deal with the problems caused, up to now where are the USA dollars. Dominicans need to be aware of false promises made from overseas.

Thank you.
nothing will ever be done and the dance will go on, the police dare not rock the boat, and the dance will go on, the president will turn the other cheek and the dance will go on, Skerrit and his merry men gets richer and the dance will go on. we Dominicans have lost the will to fight this and the dance will go on, the oposition parties have lost the will to even be heard and the dance will go on, Skerrit dont care what ever is said he has more money to make and the dance will go on we as a once proud people are a bunch of has beens standing with a shrug of the shoulders tut tut tut and the dance will go on, then its toooooo late there is only us to blame and the dance goes on, so we Dominicans once proud and strong had better just shut up accept the inevitable and let the dance go on because there is nothing that can ever be done shame on us all let the dance go on. we deserve evrything cause we do nothing let the dance continue and stop moaning accept brothers and sisters for we all must want it.LET THE DANCE GO ON
I can see your blood is up anonymous but the last waltz is always the best and we dominicans are the band, the dancers are no good without the band and we have stopped playing Dr Christian will start a new orchestra and the present dancers wont get an invite, so stand tall
WHERE ARE MY YOUNG PEOPLE OF DOMINICA AT!!!!!!!!!! We are hearing everyone else but we are not hearing from the youth. Come we need to hear from you. I am very concerned about the disengagement of Dominican youth from politics and public sphere.

I am a firm believer that our young Dominicans are the hope of our future political process. I believe in the power of our young people and the mobilization of our young people should be an integral part of the political process. The young people voice can make a difference in this election. You as a young person may be asking yourself why should I be involved in the political process. Does my vote count? Even if I vote how will I make a difference; whoever going to win will win but we need you my young people. Your vote counts in ways you never thought of.

It would seem that the adults should have the best interest of Dominica at heart but it is not always so. The whole world is not always a fair place. If you as a young person want
to see change you must go after it. You cannot count on someone else taking care of it for you. So if you want to make a difference and be counted, get out there find out what is happening in Dominica and be involved in the political process, register and vote.

As young Dominicans it is your obligation to learn about the issues affecting us and the future of our Beloved Dominica; in addition it is your moral obligation to act on the basis of what we have learned. The young people should be informed about the issues that affect Dominica and we need to hear from them.

As young people choose what issues are important to them in this information age, we will find that they can easily acquire knowledge of issues they care about and specify the reasons they want to be part of democracy. "Citizens in a democracy do need to be well informed," writes political scientist Doris Graber. "But they also should enjoy the right to freely choose the information that best suits their needs and tastes."
Is this the case of "better poster boy" for the Dominica Political Clown Crew?

1st it was Pappy, then Para, now Dr. Sam! Well Dr. Sam, you must have seen how we the people loved Pappy and his clown ways, how we love Para and his political ediotic speeches, and now we the people will express our love for you and this new puppet party of yours!

Dr. Sam, as a true member of we the people of Dominica, let me give you a little advise: STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND TAKING YOUR GOOD NAME AND STOOPING DOWN TO THE LIKES OF PAPPY AND PARA! We the people of Dominica are now better educated to see people like you a mile away. Yes, you may be a decorated Dominican but your political heart is not pure and for that YOU WILL NEVER GET OUR MANDATE TO LEAD OUR SWEET DOMINICA! So either you join us to unconditionally (no strings attached) build our nation or you take you version of patriotism back to your lil group (who met in the Bronx) and carry on with what you all do best: TALK!!!

And, by the way, please stop these pathetic you-tube apparences...they really make you look stupid! We all know how smart of a person you are but others out there may take these stupid-looking you-tube videos as the best of Dominica and thus tanish our sweet Dominica's name and think of us as a nation of idiots...when we are not!
Dear Anonymous:

How are you Sir?

Please you must not be so loud. It is not good manners. If you would like to say something to the good doctor, do so, but do it in a respectful manner. And please do not question the good doctor's patriotism with your angry words, only the weak and fearful treat others in that manner. Are you afraid Sir? Yes Sir you should be afraid, be very afraid, for with or without you change will come to Dominica.

So those you-tube appearances got to you, eh? they got you thinking. Good, that is the intent. Sir please do try to be kinder and gentler and a gentleman. It does not serve the country well for others to think that Dominican are so angry and lack self control. I would hate that they would say that you must take a course in anger management.

From one Dominican to another your post lack class and I am so saddened that you, a man that is held in such high esteem could harbor such anger and resentment and sink so low in the gutter. We forgive you though, we know it was written in ignorance.
Anonymous let me remind you that it is not the videos that has tarnished Dominica's image nut rather the SUBJECT of the videos...good figure, open your eyes. You sound like one of those that will go down with the Regime...
Real Laborites will not follow, we know we experienced 1979 and we understand different styles of leadership

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