Dominica national airline CIT Airways set to begin operations in January 2014

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Dominica national airline CIT Airways set to begin operations in January 2014

By the TDN Wire Staff
November 22, 2013, 11:10 A.M

cit airways
Caribbean Island Transport Airways.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida (TDN) -- "There is a new Airline in town. " This is how Caribbean Island Transport (CIT) Airways announced itself to the world as " the national carrier of Dominica offering non stop flights to and from Fort Lauderdale [Florida] direct to the island of Dominica."

The airline announced that it will begin daily non stop flights in January of 2014 using a Boeing 700-337 aircraft, and that it will expand to other countries in mid-2014. The aircraft is equipped to carry 140 passengers with 128 economy passengers and 12 business class.

TDN has been unable to verify the ownership of the airline with the company only saying that it is "a brand new company set up in Florida and is owned by Dominica nationality to help build the country’s economy while providing a viable solution to discover Dominica. "

It is still not clear how a privately owned company could declare itself the national airline of Dominica. To date, the Dominica authorities have been tight lipped on the emergence of the new airline and has issued no statement or public comment in response to the news.

Meanwhile, Dominicans have been expressing skepticism at the success of the airline with some pointing to the limitations on the length of the runway and the generally secretive nature of the airline ownership.

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