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Casino gambling set to come to Dominica

By Thomson Fontaine
December 06, 2011 9:50 a.m.

Roseau, Dominica (TDN) —- It has long been rumored that Dominica is preparing for the onslaught of casino gaming on the largely catholic and Christian country.
Casino gambling Dominica's latest attraction?

This now appears to be just around the corner with the appearance of an advertisement by Isidore & Associated LLC in the Sun newspaper, which reads “NOW HIRING. A leading international entertainment company is soon to be opened in Dominica. If you have a great personality, beautiful smile, professional appearance, and love to work with customers then we can train you in a lucrative career: Cashiers, supervisors, bartenders, waitresses, security, maintenance and cleaning, technicians, surveillance."

At the same time an online casino gaming site has been reporting that it is “coming soon” to Dominica. The Mapau gaming company on its website is reporting that Mapau Dominica will soon be opened.

There now appears to be a pattern emerging between the economic citizenship program and gambling. News of the casino’s proposed opening comes just days after press revelations that two men who purchased diplomatic passports for undisclosed sums and were recommended for ambassadorships have huge casino interests.

Francesco Corallo of Italy who was recommended to be Dominica’s ambassador to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) is the millionaire owner of the Atlantis casino.

Dominica’s Honorary Consul to Cyprus Athanasios Ktoridis owns the Glory Betting chain (bookmakers, specialized in sports betting).

Up till February of this year the government of Dominica licensed an on-line sports book outfit operating under the name "Parlaymakers", which is owned by White Cargo Industries Ltd., with a local address at 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley.

Interestingly, this is the same address of CCP Inc., one of government’s licensed agents for the economic citizenship program, a company endorsed by Health Minister Julius Timothy.

Parlaymakers suddenly went off-line last February owing players a lot of money and has since been blacklisted by SBR (Sportsbook Review).

Subsequently another outfit, "Dimeline", licensed by the Govt. of Curacao has undertaken to compensate some of the scammed players of the Dominica company.

Government’s involvement in the introduction of casino gambling to Dominica should come as no surprise given Prime Minister Skerrit’s known links with the gambling brotherhood in Macao, his discussions with Donald Trump and the favoring of casino kingpins to be Dominica’s official representatives abroad.

Further, the local lawyer pushing the casino is Stephen Isidore the lawyer for Skerrit who has been slapped with the filing of a $6 million legal suit by his former partner GON Emanuel who has accused him of diverting the funds from their partnership account.

As early as 2006, an Italian group visited Dominica and held discussions with prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Ambrose George among other officials with a view to setting up a casino on the island. It is not clear however if this is the same group that is going ahead with the casino.

Dominicans are not only wary of casinos given their impact on the poor, but the gambling industry, and casinos in particular are notorious for their involvement with organized crime and money laundering and with no effective regulatory authority in place locally "all bets are off"!.

Not satisfied with dealing with online casinos the DLP government seems content on imposing a vice on the largely impoverished Dominican people especially when one considers that attracting these kind of business activities inevitably bring violence, prostitution and drugs in their wake. SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

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