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Royal Commonwealth Society and Olyset Net launch new malaria net awareness campaign

Olyset Net
Friday April 14, 2011

The Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) in partnership with Olyset Net has launched a global competition to raise awareness of the importance of mosquito nets in malaria prevention.

The ‘Me and My Net’ competition will invite 11-18 year olds from across the 54 Commonwealth nations to demonstrate how they relate to, and value mosquito nets using any medium they wish whether that is video, photography, written essays or campaign slogans via text message.

The competition aims to promote behaviour change in malaria affected countries by targeting net purchasers of the future who can educate their own families on effective net use. Both partners hope that the content gathered by the competition will help address where future net use education campaigns may need to be improved. In non-affected countries it is hoped the project will raise awareness of, and encourage critical thinking around, the impact of malaria.

Danny Sriskandarajah, Director, Royal Commonwealth Society said, “We have been running our annual schools competition for over 100 years, encouraging young people from across the Commonwealth to think about and share their views on social issues. Behaviour change around malaria is certainly a worthy subject matter for this year’s focus and we are looking forward to getting the project underway.”

Adam Flynn, Olyset Net said, “We are great advocates of behaviour change communication. Last year we worked with African footballers on a public awareness campaign and this year we want to engage with young people through an interactive campaign that we hope will leave a lasting legacy. We want to understand how people value, perceive and look after their nets – as the difference really does save lives.”

‘Me and My Net’ will be delivered via the RCS’s global networks within schools, local NGOs, health and social organisations and will reach thousands of young people around the world. Ten winners will be chosen by a judging panel in November 2011 and overall winners will be brought to London to fly the flag for their country at the Commonwealth Day Observance in March 2012.

The Olyset Net is the first long-lasting insecticidal anti-malaria net to receive full World Health Organisation recommendation. Unlike a ‘traditional’ net, it does not need to be re-treated – the user can hang the net over their bed and apart from occasional washing, no other action is needed. The net is then guaranteed to remain effective for at least five years*. The bed nets are produced in sub-Saharan Africa through collaboration with A to Z Textiles, based in Arusha, Tanzania allowing the nets to be ‘made in Africa, by Africans, for Africans’.

To enter, to find out more or to view selected entries as they are submitted visit

* See for guarantee details.

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